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  1. Grogrokl
    • member
    • 696 posts
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    Is this mod compatible with uncappers? Will a sneak value of 130 be reduced just like a sneak value of 100?

    Also I wonder if there is any truth to PrincessBridget's concerns. Is it really easier to stay undetected when not sneaking than when you are sneaking?
  2. OleWilliams
    • member
    • 76 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Is this compatible with Stealth Overhaul?
  3. PrincessBridget
    • member
    • 262 posts
    • 6 kudos
    Alright so 46 hours in my game I noticed I'm getting really strange results with this mod. (this is the only sneak mod I've been using) In dark lighting they see me better when I sneak compared to when I stand. I noticed this on a friendly Adventurer where he ignored me when I'm right there in front of him, but saw me soon as I crouched. He was also spinning by himself when I wasn't doing anything at all.

    I have 47 sneak at the moment including the vampire sneak stuff.

    I also had similar happen earlier in my game in bright daylight too at IC with another thief member whether I was in sneak mode or not. She wouldn't look at me at all until I walked or ran around. I think it happened with the guards too. But after a couple minutes of that, they all started seeing me normally again. Weird... and all this is fixed when I disable this mod.
  4. Phitt
    • member
    • 343 posts
    • 364 kudos
    Uhm...sure you didn't want to post your comment on the 'Stealth Overhaul' page? This mod here doesn't affect your sneak skill depending on the armor you have equipped, encumbrance etc. I could implement it, but there is already Stealth Overhaul, which does a pretty good job in that regard imo. It just implements the penalties mentioned in the description to make sneaking harder in general.
  5. dunnosorry
    • member
    • 18 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Omg, that's what I was waiting for years, actually I made some plugin for my private use with this, but, I'll be happy to see weapon and armor types in your inventory affecting Sneak skills alot. Like daggers won't give any penalty at all, short swords minor penalty and something big and heavy will totally kill your sneak skill. The same about armor, clothes won't decrease skill, light armor will decrease a lot and heavy will make sneaking impossible at all.
    But again, not just equiped armor/weapon, but whole items in inventory, so even if you're in light armor with a dagger, but have some steel cuirass in inventory, it means that your sneak skill will be almost 0.
    Because that's silly to sneak in full plate with an axe in hands...
    Also I think each unit of weight should decrease your sneak on 1 point, if your skill is less than 50. And if your sneak skill equal or more than 50, then every 2 units of weight will decrease your sneak.
    In that way, if you want to maximaze your sneak skills and move unnoticed you'll need to wear some clothes or light, very ligh armor and a dagger.
  6. Phitt
    • member
    • 343 posts
    • 364 kudos
    @lonewolf_kai: Yes, everything can be adjusted in the ini. Don't get fooled by the word 'penalty' though. The 'penalty' for standing still only makes standing still a bit less ridiculous. If you stand still in vanilla enemies will NEVER see you. Sometimes they even run into you and push you to the side without nothing you are there. The penalty introduced by this mod makes standing still a bit less like an everlasting invisibility spell. But it is still much more efficient than walking around. That means it is of course still better to hold your breath and stand still than to walk around.
  7. lonewolf_kai
    • supporter
    • 2,234 posts
    • 67 kudos
    I agree with most of this. However, I don't agree with the penalty to standing still in front of the enemy. Is this mod able to be customised?
  8. Kradon666
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    Thanks for this, I hate the fact that Oblivion gets remarkably easier once you get to the higher levels. This'll help improve that a lot.