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  1. biulding3015
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    the constructor set prompts me with a smiliar issue, all it means is that i duplicated one to many objects that the cs didnt like (they are dead fish that hang in the nets over the walkways in the port.)

    the issue it is referring to will sometimes cause the fish to fall out of the nets and land on the ground bellow (or that is all i have noticed it to do) so its not the biggest issue in the world...

    you could go ahead and clean out that record if you want and see what the result is, i personally do not know what would happen if you were to do that but the fish are not that important and shouldnt cause you to much issue...

  2. shinobi2008
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    Keep up the good work. I installed this mod and then started the TES4Edit to clean, and it says that there was some kind of out of place record with "dead slaughterfish" or something in that nature. How do I fix this thing or are you already working on that?
  3. biulding3015
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    • 971 posts
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    CSRM is the replacement for DCRP and is required to play County Sutch mods... you have a large variety of options.

    You can download The Imperial Township of Sutch Reborn, it is the original version and has seven working quests. -- This one does not required CSRM or DCRP

    the next option is to download the County Sutch Project... these mods require the use of the CSRM, they offer a new storyline and are broken up into various parts to help with compatibility.

    you can play any of the County Sutch mods as stand alone mods without the others in the series... the county seat is the new version of sutch city, were new haven is a remake of the original sutch city, owls cove is the remake of the original sutch docs, and the completing a nation are odds and ends i made to go with the set

    hope this helps if you have further questions feel free to pm me

  4. birdy13
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    i wanna download a friggin Sutch..which 1 you got 3 sutches..wtf is CSRM..im so confused..
  5. biulding3015
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    • 971 posts
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    send me a screen of where it is so i can fix it... but outside of that... just disable the walls by clicking on it and typing disable... i will try to make a fix when i can... but it will not be soon just a forewarning to ya......

  6. baygull11
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    This mod drops a wall right on top of a building that is part of Grandmaster of Alchemy
  7. biulding3015
    • member
    • 971 posts
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    okay, let me start in some simblance of order eh?

    raven: glad you found the patch if i had posted before you found it; would have said i thought Vorians made a patch... good to know that he HAS actaully made one for this mod lol, i need to dl that myself to be honest with you

    mistmorn: The gold long sword ceremonial or whatever is a mesh that has been in the 'sutch project' since the VERY beginning i have never updated it, so it shouldn't matter which one you let over-ride the other hehe they SHOULD give you the same mesh but i would let the CSRM override, but that is just me

    i am glad you told me what the OBMM error meant because i would not have been able to give you any assistance if you didn't i still do not fully understand all the error codes lol

    david: First, thank you for posting the BOSS recommended load order that helps me out not only on a personal level but to tell anyone else that should ask

    I have only used TES4LODgen once or twice? never gotten any errors like that... but as a side note... those slaughter fish are a pain some times lol like falling out of the nets....

    when you say the area is a 'mess' what exactly do you mean by such a statement? the land is torn up? the slaughter fish are scattered everywhere? people running into stuff? or is it that the LOD for that area is messed up...

    as for the quote 'if you use new haven, you will need a mod to add docks'

    that is in reference to the fact that new haven is the city from the original sutch mod... and owls cove is the docks from the original sutch mod... you do not NEED one to play the other... i was just saying in reference to the original mod; that they are no longer grouped together...

    so if you use new haven; and want the docks... then you will have to get this mod (owls cove) as well

    what exactly needs to be modded? in order to fix the mess that you are seeing in the area? or if that is incorrect more details would be appreciated

    hope this post answers all points raised about the mod... if not feel free to post back and i will be glad to elaborate or continue to stumble through the dark with assistance as best i can

  8. david257fr
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    Boss has sorted the mods that way
    (DC) County Sutch Reborn.esp [CRC: A91805D3]
    (DC) County Sutch - New Haven.esp [CRC: B1B698F5]
    (DC) Ruined Eldin Bridge.esp [CRC: 574793AE]
    (DC) County Sutch - Owls Cove.esp [CRC: 67F691D1]
    (DC) County Sutch - Brina Cross.esp [CRC: 08CAE8FC]

    CSRM v1.9

    TES4Loadgen give me that error

    Error: record REFR contains unexpected (or out of order) subrecord XRGD 44475258
    Errors were found in: [REFR:4F001E89] (places CountySutchDocksDeadSlaughterfish01 "Royal Bay Slaughterfish" [CONT:4F0056A0] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0000A7F9] (in Tamriel [WRLD:0000003C] at -52,3))
    Contained subrecords: NAME XRGD DATA

    At the place everything is a mess.

    "if you use new haven, you will need to mod to have the docks"
    Can you please explain what exactly needs to be modded ?
  9. mistmorn
    • premium
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    Looking forward to adding this mod, I greatly respect your work! I have two CRC mismatches to report from OBMM:

    Data file meshesweaponsgoldceremonialblade.nif already exists
    - CRC mismatch. The new file is different from the old.
    - Data file owned by dragon captions - county sutch reborn master - csrm 1.8.omod
    Data file meshesweaponsgoldlongsword.nif already exists
    - CRC mismatch. The new file is different from the old.
    - Data file owned by dragon captions - county sutch reborn master - csrm 1.8.omod

    I am not sure if I should overwrite these or not :-( I'm thinking no since CSRM is more current.
  10. RiverRaven
    • supporter
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    OK I down loaded Owls Cove (Nice Mod) Huge conflict with UL Beaches Of Cyrodiil Lost Coast, Any fix?

    Welllllllll! IF I just would have looked just a littel harder I would have found the UL Patch before this post. Next time I'll look first, Still It's a real cool mod.