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Reaper's Necromancer's Tower
By: Reaper9111

The Mod:

>NOTE< Patch for UL Cliffs of Anvil has been uploaded.
Thanks Vorians !

After many complains of the "Heavyness" of "The Dark Tower" i decided to make a mod that would only have the Tower has a player home...
This mod add to the game a Replica of the evil tower found in my mod "The Dark Tower".
This Mod is Completely Independent of the "The Dark Tower".
In this mod the Tower is Located on the Valenwood Coast with a Very Unique Dead Marsh aound it... There is no Town, Only the Tower !
There's a small quest that will let you gain ownership of the tower, the quest will begin automaticly when the mod is loaded the first time.
Theres 2 Shipwreck around the tower's Marsh...
As usual i have made everything in my power to make this mod's Atmosphere Unique. (And Specialy the Dead Marsh) Enjoy !


- You will also need to have your In-Game Border disable advailable here:
> http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3578

- Shivering Isles and the Latest Patch

- Because the mod add new dialogue, i Highly recommend to use Elys Universal Silent Voice to slow down dialogue, Advailable here:
> http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622

Features of the mod:

The Torture Chamber:

-Fully Working...
-A Torture cell where you can lock npc inside and torture them with darts, Fire, Gaz and Shock...

Tower Guess Room:

-A Bedroom with cool design for the extra compagnion (is 99.9 % Compagnion Proof)
-Furniture has been marked Persistent for the compagnion to use them...
-Quick teleportation pad to the Master Bedroom

Tower Bedroom:

-A bed for you and your favorite compagnon.
-A Bath with moveable curtains, when used will give the player a serious bonus.
-Many Storage for clothing.
-A few new pieces of Armor to complete bethzeda's war armor and a new set of sorcerer's robe.
-A Fireplace with 2 chair, once again for you and your compagnon.
-A fountain of Youth that will restore all your attribute once a day and will allow you to filled a bottle of that "magic water" to carry with you.
-A secret safe. (use the candle on the wall)
-Access to the tower balcony witch contains 2 Chair, a telescope and a Weather Altar (Player is able to change the weather).
-A Book that teaches a Reanimate Spell.

Tower Laboratory:

-A Spiritual Tree that give the Player a boots in magika.
-Enchanting Station.
-Spellmaking Station.
-Apple Poisoning Station (to make your very own stock of poison apple)
-Beating Heart Station (to filled empty bottle with blood to Vampire feed)
-Static Alchemy Station.
-Ingredients Sorter for Tamriel and SI (including the new ingredients added by this mod).
-Ingredients Multiplicator Chest.(same as M.G.master chest)
-Black soulgems creating Chest.(same as any necromancer altar... wait for the pink light to be able to use it)
-Access to the second tower balcony witch include an alarm bell* and a static alchemy station.(*doe's nothing exept a cool sound)

Tower Library:

-A scroll that teaches a spell to teleport directly inside the tower.
-Many storage that look like book stack.
-A kool looking aquarium.
-2 Book that teaches a spell
-A Powerful Necromicon Book

Tower Hall:

-The hall has been expend to have to set of stairs, one that lead on the new Dragon Pad (outside the tower)
and the other one that lead to the Guess room and the Treasury room.
-A Huge and Evil Throne to rule on your empire...Ha ha ha ha ha ! (s'cuse me)
-A Personal Stripper/Danser. (activate the button on the throne to summon her, and reactivate it to un-summon her)*Combine with other mod she can be used as sex slave...
-Many display case.

Tower Crypt:

-A secret entry to the tower torture chamber room (activate the wall with the arcane symbol on it)
-A secret entry, is also a way out of the tower.(look for a triple candle lever on the walls).
-A forge that grant the player a bonus in armorer when you stand next to it.
-A Static Repair station. (use the Anvil in the forge).(forge also give a boost in armored)
-An Animated Guilloteen, that you can use to play with npc.
-A powerfull Black Scypte (in the forge).
-A powerful Dread Bow and Arrows (arrow barrel will respawn)
-A garden with your very own Budz/Weed/Smoking Herb.
-A skeleton that will spare/train you. (he wil accept yield when your done)
-An Eternal Sleeper, perfect for vampire feeding on her.
-A door that lead out of tower/out of town.(this is a unique place only accessible by this door, this place was supposed to be quest related, but the quest did'nt make it out od the CS)
This place contains a Unique Staff with a unique effect.
-Multiple Safe barel storage. (PS; All containers within the wall of the tower are safe for storage exept those that are identifyed as "not safe")
-An animated guilloteen to use to simulate decapitation.

Tower Treasures Room:

-Many identifyed Chest to store all of your possetions Safely.
-A few display case.


There should be No Compatibility issue... I'm running Most of the Very Popular Big Mod and i have nothing using those exerior cells...
Please understand that there's alots of mods out there and that i can't name them
all here. For any future major incompatibility, please let me know in my TESnexus message box! You can find me
there as "Reaper9111".

Knows Issue:

- Some user might get problems with some of the outfit, This is directly related to what type of Boyy you are using
Some BBB (Better Bouncing Boobs) users have reported this, Nothing i can do about this (the mod was made with HGEC in mind)


Download the file here. ONLY ONE FILE NEEDED "The Necromancer's Tower Complete BSA".
You can install the Loading screen for this mod as well... Not The Map !

Version History:

This is V_1 First Release.

Special Thanks:

- For New meshes/Textures and Help

My Girl aka "SugarBabe" for her ideas and support.
My devoted Friend "Gunzoguns" for his Hard work cleaning "The Dark Tower" witch this mod is base on.

David Whitefang
Hel Borne
Mr Siikas
Bad Andy
Da Mage
Academician Nwahs
Mc Muffin
Skeleton K
Team Lost Spire
Team TES4 Gecko
Team Unique Landscape
TES Nexus.com
Members of TESnexus

There IS other that i forget, PLEASE FORGIVE ME !
If you recognize you work, please PM me immediately!

Last Words:

Please, if you like the work of ANY modders including me, the least you can do, is to ENDORSE HIS/HER WORK !
I'm gonna ask the community to NOT RE-UPLOAD THIS MOD ANYWHERE ELSE! (Contact me for Any Other Request)
Thank You for downloading and i hope you will enjoy your new addon!
Because i know that i have forgotten great modders in the credit section, i do not allow any part of this mod to be used anywhere. Please respect this !

I'll like to mention that this Master pieces (V_9) would have never made it out publically if it wasn't of the help of my good friend "Gunzoguns" He has been of an extraordinary
support for me and for the mod... Thank man, I hope you will enjoy you very own Torture Chamber... lol

<<<"Please note that nothing makes me more frustrated than seeing comments like "Reaper's mods kill my computer!" or "Don't download that, it's so laggy." FPS is NOT mod dependant,as
certain systems run it just fine. Everything can affect your FPS, from Hi-rez texture replacers down to hardware. Please have a bit of respect and don't smash my mods publically because
your computer dosen't run them very well, it's just poor form !">>>