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This is a full update to SirFrederik's Oblivion XP mod. It fixes numerous bugs and takes advantage of some of the functions available in the newer versions of Oblivion Script Extender. This version offers significant performance improvements over the previous versions.

Permissions and credits
Oblivion XP Update

Version 4.3.2

Oblivion XP Update is a full update to SirFrederik's Oblivion XP mod. It has several bug fixes and script optimizations that utilize the new features and functions available in the newer versions of Oblivion Script Extender. This version offers significant performance improvements over the previous versions.

This is a complete self-contained package. It does not require the original Oblivion XP - everything is included in this update. This is being released as an upgrade to the original Oblivion XP mod because the changes are quite extensive and with most of the scripts being completely rewritten.

Existing users will be able to install this update and continue with your current games. You should not lose the progress you have made. You will need to follow the upgrade instructions in the readme file because the location and contents of the ini file have been changed.


For those unfamiliar with Oblivion XP, it is a levelling system replacement. The Oblivion levelling system is based on skill use to improve the skills themselves and their associated attributes. However, for many players this has turned out to be a tedious exercise that forced them to use skills that did not fit their roleplaying experience in order to improve certain attributes. It also required a certain degree of "micromanagement" if you wished to get the maximum attribute bonuses when you increased in level.

Oblivion XP aims to change all that. It brings the experience point reward system to Oblivion. You gain experience points for performing a variety of actions, including completing quests, killing monsters, picking locks or discovering new locations. When you accumulate enough experience points, you will gain a new level. Upon gaining the new level, you spend points to increase your attributes and skills. You no longer improve your skills by using them. You earn experience points by action and spend an allotted number of points on skills and attributes to improve them, anyway you wish, when you level-up.

SirFrederik is the original author of this mod. He devised the mathematical formulae that control the number of points you need to level and the number of experience points you receive for various actions. The system he designed is complete and operates as a balanced and comprehensive unit. I will not be altering any of this underlying logic. He also made Oblivion XP extremely customizable through settings in the ini file so that this system would work with a variety of playing styles.

Important Notes

Oblivion XP 4.2.0+ requires OBSE 21 Beta 3 or above. shadeMe has added a custom event handler that allows major performance improvements over the previous versions. It also requires MenuQue version 15 or newer.

See the readme file (Oblivion XP Readme.pdf) in the download for the installation instructions, a full description of all the changes and other important notes.

Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v21 or higher
MenuQue version 15 or higher

Friends of Oblivion XP

Friends of Obivion XP is a prestigious group of mods in which the mod authors have taken the time to build Oblivion XP support into their mod!

When you complete quests in these mods, you will be awarded experience points. Oblivion XP only has a small amount of work to do to process these points, so performance is greatly improved. Also, this code is only run for mods that you actually have loaded and if the mod author changes the mod, you will get those changes as soon as you download the new version of the mod!

Current Friends

Kragenir's Death Quest
Enhanced Economy
The Ayleid Steps
AFK Weye (external patch written by dwip)
Faregyl Village
Frostcrag Village
Cliffs of Anvil (part of Unique Landscapes)
The Eastern Peaks (part of Unique Landscapes)
Better Cities
Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening
The Black Marshes
Kvatch Rebuilt 3.x
Sneaking Detection Recalibrated

Third Party Mod Support

As of version 4.2.3, all quests will be rewarded a base number of points. When SirFrederik released Oblivion XP, he included support for 21 mods. These mods are still explicitly supported and will continue to generate a customized number of points upon completion of the quests.

Here is the list of mods that have support built into Oblivion XP:

Arrows of the Ayleid King v1.8
Bartholm v7.0
Blood & Mud
C&C - The Blackwood Company v1.0.2
Daggerfall Memories - The Liberation of Cybiades v2.1
Gates to Aesgaard Ep. 1 v1.1
Glenvar Castle v2.10
Heart of the Dead v5.3
Integration – TSL
JQ Assassin Quest v1.0
Malevolent v1.0.2
Midas Magic v0.990
Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul v1.34
Ruined Tail's Tale v3.0.1
Servant of the Dawn SI v2.25
Tamriel Rebuilt – Stirk v1.2
Tears of the Fiend v1.2.2
The Dungeons of Ivellon v1.8
The Lost Spires v14
Verona House – Bloodlines SI v1.2
Windfall v1.0


I will list the patches currently available in this section. Patches can be downloaded from the main download page. As of version 4.2.3, these are now optional, but if you have room in your load order, I recommend you use them. The point rewards are customized for each quest, whereas the base point reward will be much smaller.

A Brotherhood Renewed
AFK Weye (patch written by dwip)
Kvatch Rebuilt 1.1 (works with 2.x, no longer needed in 3.x)

Other Languages

As of version 4.1.9, translating Oblivion XP is as simple as translating the ObXP_strings.xml file. See the readme for full details.
Just download the translation package and copy the ObXP_strings.xml file to your Data\Menus\Strings directory.

Translations Available

  • Italian by FatalIllusion
  • Japanese by nkyhiro
  • French by Sita. Updated by Gameruper. Sita also translated the new initialization line.
  • Simplified Chinese by dantebelmondo
  • German by Klaus. Vikke translated the new initialization line.
  • Russian by Chai Pei
  • Hungarian by Morghean
  • Polish by clockworkcity. Updated by sabbath91, who also translated the new initialization line.
Full French TranslationSita has done a full French translation of Oblivion XP 4.3.2 that includes all the documentation. It's available here.Contact/SupportPlease contact me in the release thread on The Assimilation Lab or in the release thread on the Bethesda forums.
Change Log

Version 4.3.2
  • updated all string files (including translations) to report latest version of mod
  • revised initialization message when player installs mod on existing game
  • fixed bug where all attribute and skill points couldn't be spent when adding Oblivion XP to existing game, or level-up menu for initialization didn't appear at all.
  • removed Oblivion XP's version of hud_reticle.xml for DarNified and DarkUId DarN. The overrides Oblivion XP was making to this menu are no longer required. NOTE: you'll need to anneal your BAIN packages for DarNified or DarkUId DarN so that the hud_reticle.xml file is replaced. If you installed with OBMM or manually, you'll have to reinstall DarNified or DarkUId DarN, then install Oblivion XP.
  • removed unused template files from Core - Menus folder
  • added attribute and skill descriptions to level-up menu.
  • created new font and changed progress display text on HUD to use it. New font also used for attribute and skill descriptions in level-up menu.
  • stopped level-up menu from opening before game was completely initialized when loading from desktop.
  • implemented forli's fix for progress bar not being updated properly.
  • fixed poison kill script again. Now checking if enemy is dead already in finish block. Also moved call to onDeath event handler to prevent multiple calls and therefore multiple point awards.
  • added new interoperability variables for Sneaking Detection Recalibrated (SDR).
  • added SDR version check code
  • defined version variable for Oblivion XP
  • defined custom handler to process poison kill user event dispatch from SDR
  • revised Oblivion XP's initialization to detect SDR and adjust poison settings appropriately
  • fixed bug where you would get two kill awards if you killed a weak creature with a poisoned weapon
  • changed sneaking multiplier to a float variable to allow fractions
  • fixed bug in detecting AFK Weye initialization quest
Version 4.2.4
  • Fixed CTD that some users were experiencing upon opening the level-up menu. Fix provided by Kyoma.
  • Fixed poison kill script. Kills by poison were not being detected properly by new onDeath event handling and this has been fixed.
Version 4.2.3
  • Rewrote quest reward script to use event handler.
  • Added rewards for unsupported quests. Any quest that isn't explicitly supported via built-in support or in the mod itself will be awarded a small number of points.
  • Rewrote kill reward script to use event handler.
  • Changed stealing reward to be based on amount fenced. Note: the ini file has been changed to reflect this.
  • Changed lockpicking reward to be scaled to player's skill.
  • Fixed HUD for BTMod.
  • Kyoma redesigned level up menu. Improved performance by using menu event handlers.
  • Added point reward for Speechcraft minigame.
  • Adjusted spacing between skills and increment arrows on level-up menu to give more space for skill names. Fixes overlap issue that could occur in non-English versions.
  • Rewrote potion creation reward script to use event handler.
  • Many more changes. See complete change log in readme file.
Version 4.1.9a
  • fixed problem with text display for some Skill Perks.
  • on-screen log was listing wrong string when an artifact was found. On-screen log would say "Read a book" when it should have said "Found an artifact".
  • added missing Dark Brotherhood quest and added alternate ending for Fighters Guild quest
Version 4.1.9
  • HUD overhaul! New progress bar to match the other HUD elements. Also restored option to display progress text. New ini options to control display of progress text and progress bar itself.
  • menu overhaul! Character statistics menu and Level-up menu have been given a face lift.
  • added support for Dark UI
  • skill increases per level capped at five. Configurable in ini file.
  • skill point cost progression. Higher level skills will cost more to increase. Also configurable.
  • Skill Perks are now displayed when you increase a skill to the next mastery rank. May be turned off in ini file.
  • can set trainingSessions and/or trainingCostMult ini settings to 0 to disable. Disabling Oblivion XP's control of these parameters will revert them to the default game settings and unused training sessions will NOT carry over to the next level (if trainingSessions is set to 0).
  • all messages and menu text moved to the ObXP_strings.xml file. Now anybody wishing to translate Oblivion XP only has to translate the ObXP_strings.xml file. Oblivion XP now requires MenuQue. It also requires a newer version of OBSE than previous versions.
  • enhanced OBSE detection. Will detect if OBSE is not running properly in addition to detecting if wrong version is installed.
Version 4.1.8
  • Fixed miscellaneous stats bug. This is the "no experience from miscellaneous actions" bug that has plagued Oblivion XP for so long - not any more!
  • Removed built-in support for AFK_Weye. Dwip has created a patch that will award experience points for all quests in AFK_Weye.
  • Fixed vanilla/BTmod character stats menu. Now your current level will be displayed properly in the menu.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the training cost multiplier from being processed properly. Now if you change the ini setting, it will be reflected properly in-game.
  • Changed Health regeneration calculation so that the minimum rate is always 1.0. Previously it was possible for characters with low Endurance and/or Willpower to have a rate less than one, so there was no Health regeneration at all.
Version 4.1.7a
  • Fixed bug in Curse of Hircine script. Also fixed a bug in the Cowl of Nocturnal script. Points were still being awarded if your "normal" infamy exceeded that of the Cowl - naughty, naughty :)
  • Removed built-in support for The Ayleid Steps - Ervvyn has added Oblivion XP support to the latest version of The Ayleid Steps.
Version 4.1.7
  • No points awarded for kills by poison, part 2: The previous fix didn't work in all cases. I think I got it this time :)
  • Training sessions not carrying over to next level, part 2: There were still some problems with training sessions carrying over properly that has now been fixed. No special steps to upgrade anymore either!
  • Gray Cowl of Nocturnal bug: A large number of experience points would be awarded when removing the Cowl. Not any more!
  • Curse of Hircine bug: Similar to the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. No more XP for switching forms.
  • Point awards fixed for Lockpicking: If you broke more lockpicks than the setting in the ini file, you would still receive full points for picking the lock. This has been fixed. Furthermore, there is a new ini setting for the Skeleton Key. By default, if you have the Skeleton Key, you will NOT earn any experience points for lockpicking!
  • Points awarded when in text input mode: Previously you would earn points for reading a book everytime you went into text input mode. Fixed now.
Version 4.1.6
  • Summons bug No. 1: Kill a conjurer with a summoned creature and you'd only get the points for killing the measly creature.
  • Summons bug No. 2: Experience point running total corrupted by killing a zero-level summoned creature.
  • Poison Kills bug: No points awarded for killing a creature or NPC via poisoning.
  • DLC Quest bug: No points awarded for completing the official DLC quests.
  • No Level Adjustment for 3rd Party Mods: Experience points awarded for completing quests in third party mods with built-in Oblivion XP support were not scaled properly.
  • No Kill Points Awarded if Bonus Muliplier Disabled bug.
  • Training Sessions bug: Training sessions not carrying over to next level. See the readme file for details.
  • Master Training Quests bug: No points awarded for completion of master training quests.
CreditsI wouldn't be able to do this alone! Thanks to:
  • Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
  • SirFrederik for creating Oblivion XP.
  • Tejon for some hints and a sample script to fix the summoned creature bug.
  • Javert93 for his help in analyzing, testing and fixing the miscellaneous stats bug.
  • Kyoma for his help in fixing the miscellaneous stats bug. Also for his help with the menus. Kyoma completely overhauled the menus for version 4.2.3. I really can’t thank you enough, dude.
  • TheNiceOne for his help in demystifying Oblivion XML and the Darnified UI.
  • Phitt for his suggestions on the new skill cost progression. Also for his help in testing.
  • Amadaun, Klaus, samuro_, Tatts4Life, FatalIllusion, Trademark, Ysne58, Blandings and numerous others for their help in testing.
  • shadeMe for adding the quest completion event handler to OBSE. Also for the Construction Set Extender which makes creating mods so much easier.
  • saebel for awarding assassination XP in SDR and for his help in sorting out the poison script.
  • forli for the progress bar update fix.
  • Milotek for helping to sort out the poison kill script.
  • forli, Leonardo, Milotek, PuzzleFord, lefenger and Wolfheart for their help in testing 4.3.x.
  • LHammonds for the Readme Generator that the readme file was based on.
Licensing/LegalContact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod. This file may not be uploaded to other sites without my permission. If I do not respond within 4 weeks, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod.I can be contacted on The Assimilation Lab, Bethesda Softworks Forums or on the Nexus Forums.SirFrederik's original license terms: Please do not use any part of this mod without asking for permission first – contact me on BGsForums or send an e-mail to [email address removed]. If I haven't responded within 4 weeks, you may assume I agree to your request.