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This mod adds a new player\'s house to the skies of Niben Bay (east of the city of Bravil).

Permissions and credits
Mage's Sky House ver1.4 with Add-on

This is my first mod.
I am sorry, but I cannot speak English. Therefore, this sentence uses the machine translation.
I may not understand your words, but please forgive it.

This mod adds a new player's house to the skies of Niben Bay (east of the city of Bravil).

>Add spell to teleport to a private room
>Altar, villains can also be used
>By activating the appliance, you can start alchemy
>20 beds for a companion
For further information, please read the included readme's and screenshots.

And it has some add-ons are provided.
They are to include for [Shivering Isles-Addon][Cobl-Addon][HTSClight-Addon][DragonPad-Addon].
And you can choose what you like to add among them.
more information Add-on, please read the readme included with the add-on.

There are two ways to go to the island.

>When you start the game , adds a spell "Take me Home!"
If you are casting this spell, you can move into Private Room or on the Flying Island.

>Or, please use the portal located on the lake (near the gate of SI).

[Install and Requirements] >>>>>This MOD has main esp and some Add-ons

- No need for any other mod

[Requirements]=No need

If you have an old version of MOD [Mage'sSkyHouse_Cobl.esp] or [HTSCL.esp] or [HLCL.esp] if you were using,
Before installing,Please recovered to put various things in the house and the contents of the container.

In addition, not used add-ons, no special need to update [Mage'sSkyHouse.esp].
The updates of@[Mage'sSkyHouse.esp] are only small fixes. However, if you use an add-on please update.

add-ons master is [Mage'sSkyHouse.esp].
If you are using if you have any other esp(cobl/hlcl/htscl),Please change to [Mage'sSkyHouse.esp].
!=Do not forget to collect the contents of the container.

However, cobl / HTSCL object to be added in exactly the same as old version.
If you do not use the SI / Pad add-on, may not need to be updated.

Note(If say anything further to add, are listed here.)

The contents of 1.4
Please see the SS.

When you near alchemy desk(or siting chair)In the laboratory, your Alchemy skill has increases temporarily.
And VarlaStone on the desk is EnchantRerecharge.Stone Is unlimited,but it cannot take.

When you near forge In the barrack, your Armorer skill has increases temporarily.

How to use Door?
Please see SS.
You can choose where you want to go,Please use Switch by the door.
and go home, Cast spell 'Open the Door(lesser-target)'to the front door of the Guild (from outside).
In IC,the door is in market.please see SS.
Texian's Static Water Meshes/ Texian
Cobl Team / Cobl
HTSClight / All people involved in creating
And All Senior Modders