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This mod adds a new player\'s house to the skies of Niben Bay (east of the city of Bravil).

Permissions and credits
Mage's Sky House ver1.4 with Add-on

This is my first mod.
I am sorry, but I cannot speak English. Therefore, this sentence uses the machine translation.
I may not understand your words, but please forgive it.

This mod adds a new player's house to the skies of Niben Bay (east of the city of Bravil).

>Add spell to teleport to a private room
>Altar, villains can also be used
>By activating the appliance, you can start alchemy
>20 beds for a companion
For further information, please read the included readme's and screenshots.

And it has some add-ons are provided.
They are to include for [Shivering Isles-Addon][Cobl-Addon][HTSClight-Addon][DragonPad-Addon].
And you can choose what you like to add among them.
more information Add-on, please read the readme included with the add-on.

There are two ways to go to the island.

>When you start the game , adds a spell "Take me Home!"
If you are casting this spell, you can move into Private Room or on the Flying Island.

>Or, please use the portal located on the lake (near the gate of SI).

[Install and Requirements] >>>>>This MOD has main esp and some Add-ons

<mage> - No need for any other mod<br><br><span class="wbbtab"></span><mshaddon-htscl> [Requirements]=HTSClight <br><span class="wbbtab"></span><mshaddon-cobl><span class="wbbtab"></span>[Requirements]=Cobl<br><span class="wbbtab"></span><mshaddon-si><span class="wbbtab"></span> [Requirements]=SI<br><span class="wbbtab"></span><mshaddon-akatosh mount pad.esp> [Requirements]=No need <br><br>If you have an old version of MOD [Mage'sSkyHouse_Cobl.esp] or [HTSCL.esp] or [HLCL.esp] if you were using,<br>Before installing,Please recovered to put various things in the house and the contents of the container.<br><br>In addition, not used add-ons, no special need to update [Mage'sSkyHouse.esp].<br>The updates of@[Mage'sSkyHouse.esp] are only small fixes. However, if you use an add-on please update.<br><br>add-ons master is [Mage'sSkyHouse.esp].<br>If you are using if you have any other esp(cobl/hlcl/htscl),Please change to [Mage'sSkyHouse.esp].<br>!=Do not forget to collect the contents of the container.<br><br>However, cobl / HTSCL object to be added in exactly the same as old version.<br>If you do not use the SI / Pad add-on, may not need to be updated.<br><br>----------------------------<br>Note(If say anything further to add, are listed here.)<br>----------------------------<br><br><br>----------------------------<br>The contents of 1.4<br>----------------------------<br>Please see the SS.<br><br>When you near alchemy desk(or siting chair)In the laboratory, your Alchemy skill has increases temporarily.<br>And VarlaStone on the desk is EnchantRerecharge.Stone Is unlimited,but it cannot take.<br><br>When you near forge In the barrack, your Armorer skill has increases temporarily.<br><br>How to use Door?<br>Please see SS.<br>You can choose where you want to go,Please use Switch by the door.<br>and go home, Cast spell 'Open the Door(lesser-target)'to the front door of the Guild (from outside).<br>In IC,the door is in market.please see SS.<br>----------------------------<br>Credits <br>----------------------------<br>Texian's Static Water Meshes/ Texian<br>Cobl Team / Cobl<br>HTSClight / All people involved in creating<br>And All Senior Modders<br></mshaddon-akatosh></mshaddon-si></mshaddon-cobl></mshaddon-htscl></mage>