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Join the Knights of St. Alessia and fight injustice!

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The Siege of Malat: Prologue
Requirements: Oblivion.esm
The Siege of Malat: Prologue is an action/adventure mod which allows the player to join the Order of St. Alessia, an organization loosely inspired by the Knights Hospitaller. The quests center on the defense of pilgrims, protecting holy shrines, etc. The quest will begin once you've completed "Light the Dragonfires", when a courier from the order will find you. You will face a range of opponents, including bandits, marauders, vampires, mercenaries, fanatics, etc.
You will be introduced to several characters, many of whom will return in the next episode (the actual siege, which will be a very long quest series).
The prologue includes five quests and several hours of playing time. Although it's an introductory episode, it still contains plenty of action and challenging boss fights.
This mod is designed for players who've completed the main quest, and should only be activated after you're level 20 or so (otherwise the boss fights will be extremely frustrating).
This is my second mod, and the first quest series I've attempted. I encourage any and all feedback. Check the comments - I always reply and will take every measure to address any questions, suggestions, or criticism you put forth. In short: if you love it, hate it, or are just indifferent, let me know. The mod lives and dies based on your feedback.
Version: BETA
This is a beta release, so understand there are missing icons and generally rough aesthetics. Please focus on technical problems before pointing out stylistic flaws (although I want to hear those as well). I appreciate any feedback on the beta, and I will take note of any comments before the next release (which should be within a week - I want a few days of testing first).
- Bethesda, for producing a fine game that can be easily modded.
- LordFrostcraig, for the Inquisitor's robe, vampire's armor, and ongoing support and ideas for the mod
- TehBuddha, for the Alessia robes and ongoing work on meshes and retextures
- AlonsoMartinez, for ongoing work on weapons, armor, and shield meshes/textures
- Nollemaster, for his Crusader Gear (which I make liberal use of):
- Shades, for edifying me on the finer points of TES lore (he's at the Bethesda forums).
- All the outstanding modders and players who've encouraged the production of this mod
- Players like *you* who use my mod and provide constructive criticism
Installation, Final Points:
- Place the .esp file in the /Data folder, and then place the meshes and textures in the appropriate folder.
- If you're playing the beta, please comment so I can make adjustments before the next version.
- The next chapter will be released next year (feel free to check out the worldspaces in the Construction Set if you'd like.)