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For all you blade lovers, a new shop with a variety of swords, knives and stabbing weapons!

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Lemunde's House of Blades is a new weapon shop located north-east across the river from Leyawiin. If you follow the road from the east gate of Leyawiin you will eventually reach the shop or you can check the map and fast travel to it. Inside you'll find the proprietor, your's truly, offering a variety of new and exotic blades.

There are currently three sets, each set containing all four blade types; dagger, shortsword, longsword and claymore. Each set also has two to four variants with modified textures giving a total of 36 weapons to choose from!

The variants include dark, cold, blood, pale, ghost-iron and demon-iron. Dark variants tend to be more durable. Cold variants are a little lighter. Blood variants are somewhere in the middle. Pale variants are much less durable and much cheaper.

The ghost-iron and demon-iron variants are exclusive to one set. They are exactly the same except one has a one-shot enchantment that does massive fire damage and the other similarly does massive cold damage. After being used once they will need to be recharged before they can be used again. Keep in mind that these blades can never be re-enchanted.

This mod incorporates Lemunde's I'll Cut You Weapon Pack and Lemunde's Blood Silver Weapon Pack. The set name for LICUWP has been changed to Kamalian, so you'll see Dark Kamalian Dagger, Cold Kamalian Longsword, etc..

The x-silver weapons have damage roughly comparable to normal silver weapons. The Kamalian weapons are comparable to dwarven weapons and the ghost/demon-iron weapons are comparable to ebony, sans enchantments.

Inside the shop you may come across several weapons laying around. Take care when pilfering these. Lemunde is more than capable of protecting his property. Try not to piss him off.

*Added four new weapons! You may now purchase Obsidian weapons from Lemunde's shop. These weapons are comparable to glass weapons in strength, weight, value and durability.
*Adjusted collision properties for the Ghost Iron and Demon Iron weapons using a more traditional method. Their physics should be more reliable now.