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Added: 06/10/2010 - 09:34PM
Updated: 30/04/2012 - 11:57AM

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v1.01f note ==============================
animation bug was fixed.

v1.01f note ==============================
Automatic paying function is added.
When player eat food or drink by Left-Alt key, if those owner is not player or player's faction, gold is automatically removed from player's inventory.
So player can eat any food or drink in restaurant or other person's home as long as has enough gold. if player has not enough gold, then it will be crime.

* if you already downloaded 1.01e, then please remove it and must update 1.01f.

v1.01d note ==============================
You can turn off drunken effect of this mod.
open console and...
set RHDrunkenOff to 1

then, drinking will be exactly same as eating.

This mod is made with RH 1.4 [non-MMM] with Grumble Sounds.esp. I made many changes and add animations. I modified original mode to very simple one. I recovered all food items to oblivion default. This mod only monitor hunger status, and when player press Hot Key, find food item from inventory and let player eat one with animation. So I think there is no compatibility issue due to items with other mods.
Because this mod doesn't use any script for food item, player can eat any food which provided from any mod just if it is food. This mod also support Kuertee's HUD mod.

Player can eat any food or drink. All food and drink satisfy 1 hour hunger.

Right Control Key : Take one food from inventory and eat.
Right Shift + Control Key : Take one drink (beer or wine) from inventory and drink.
Left Alt Key : Player can also directly eat food or drink from table. Put crosshair to target food or drink and press Left Alt key.

Player can drink Portion of Healing and Potion of Sorcery with hot key. If you don¡¯t want this feature, you can disable these.

B Key : Take one Healing potion and drink
N Key : Take one Sorcery potion and drink

Previous limitation is resolved. now player can select his/her favorite food or drink in inventory. You can see animation after close inventory.

If player drink too many beer or wine in a short time, player will be drunken and knocked.
Note that drinking dissipate player¡¯s fatigue. whenever once drinking, player will dissipate 50% fatigue.
If fatigue is lower than zero, player will be knocked. After 10 seconds, sleep menu will be shown up and player can sleep at there.

Key Configuration
Please read attached document.