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Added: 04/10/2010 - 12:03AM
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Last updated at 4:10, 28 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 0:03, 4 Oct 2010

this mod adds a few new illusion spells to Ita Rienus in the Bravil Mages Guild.

they are two Illusionary Summon Spells (Archer and Warrior) and a few levels of spells that will put illusionary flames on NPCs and make them run around cuz they think they're on fire. when used in battle the Illusionary Flame Spells make make your enemys run in fear or they may completely ignore the flames. The Illusionary Flame Spells are Non-Hostile so feel free to screw with the towns people, or gaurds, or deer, or that Annoying Fan.

the goal is to expand the spell possibilities for Illusionists and Stealth Based Characters. if you use the Illusionary Flames Spells on a bandit that detected you, you might just beable to sneak back into the shadows while they are busy freakin out over fake fire.

i also plan to create a summon Werelight spell (Will-o-the-wisp with a large light effect) and a few others. i would be gratefull for any reasonable spell ideas for this.

For now tho theres a few new spells to play with

EDIT: the New Illusionary greed spell cuases NPCs to hunt for gold. as they are being forced by you the will commit crimes to find it in towns, and in dungeons the will wander very far to find it.

the new Illusionary Crime spell makes the gaurds think that a NPC has a bounty on them and they will attempt to arrest them. what happens then depends on the NPC in question

Oh and i almost forgot if you get ambushed by a highwayman and your Illusion skill is at or above 70 you can fool them into thinking you already paid them (Like a jedi mind trick)


put esp in your data folder and activate it with the Launcher or OBMM or anything else.