Optimized Francesco Resources by Francesco and contributors
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Added: 27/09/2010 - 01:47AM
Updated: 05/07/2015 - 09:29PM

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Last updated at 21:29, 5 Jul 2015 Uploaded at 1:47, 27 Sep 2010

Optimized Frans Resources

Optimized meshes and textures for the optional Francesco's components.

All of the meshes have been re-run through the latest version of PyFFI which includes collision optimizations. This should result in better performance when using the optional Frans components.

All textures have been checked and where needed corrected to be in the proper format, often resulting in a substantial reduction in size with no quality loss. Should help with VRAM usage.


A working install of Francesco's optional items and/or creatures.

Tested only on version 4.5b of the mod, but should work with an older one if you happen to be using it.


Place the BSA files in your Oblivion\Data folder, overwriting the existing versions.

If you aren't prompted to overwrite, then either you forgot the original files or you have not yet installed the proper parts of Frans which these go to. You should take care of that first.

If you are not using the creature component because you're running FCOM, then spare yourself the bandwidth and don't download that file :)


Francesco, for the awesome overhaul.
The various contributors to Francesco's original mod.


These resources are the sole property of their creators.
Distribution of these optimized files is by permission from Team FCOM.
You are *NOT* permitted to redistribute these files in any form without their permission.