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Adds foods, lots and lots of foods.

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
RAZ's Fud
Author: treguld (a.k.a RAZ)
Version: V1.0

Requires Official Oblivion Patch 1.2.416
I also use OBSE but I have used this mod without it too.
Description: This mod adds a lot of food items to the game world. You can find them at

these merchants...
Anvil: The Flowing Bowl (handles foods made from crab and slaughter

fish.)Lelles' Quality Merchandise (He handles type2 bowls of fruit and green salads. As

well as bowls of steamed rice and type1 stew. He also carries tiny bowls of salt and pepper

and many cheeses.)
Bravil: The Fair Deal (She carries Bravil's brand of brie cheese in both

wheels and slices as well as bowls of stir fried foods.)

Bruma: Novaroma (They carry bowls of ice creams. There are a few

different flavors available. Plus Skyrim cheese in wheel form [this would be the wheel

form of the standard sliced Swiss like cheese found in the game].)

Cheydinhal: Borba's Goods and Stores, She carries the local cheese in

wheel and slice form. She also carries bowls of stir fried Cliff Racer and Cliff Racer

fried rice. She also has some.... well gross foods for your favorite Daedra or Xivilai to

Chorrol: Northern Goods and Trade, She carries The local cheese in wheel

and sliced form for now.

IC: The Copius Coin Purse: He has the local brand of cheese in wheel and

sliced form plus all the other types of cheeses found in this mod. He carries all of the

loose items such as eggs, breads,slices of onions, slices of tomato, slices of kiwi [yes,

kiwi], many types of berries, a couple of different melons, and a few other items.

Leyawiin: Best Goods and Guarantees [Elsynia] She carries the local cheese

in both wheel and slice form. She also has a variety of jerky. This includes clan fear

jerky, daedroth jerky, and Cliff racer jerky to name a few.

Skingrad: Colovian Traders. They carry the local brand of cheese in wheel

and sliced form as well as type 1 bowls of green and fruit salads. They also carry type 2

style bowls of stew along with some breads and misc food items.

All foods in bowls come in 5 different bowl colors. Blue Ceramic or BC, Daedric or DB,

Green Ceramic or GC, Red Lacquer or RL, and White Ceramic or WC.

Extract all the files from the ZIP into your Oblivion\Data folder
place the .esp, textures, and meshes in their proper area if they don't go there them


Delete the following file:01 RAZ Fud
RAZ's Fuds.esp
Version History:
- Initial Release:9/25/2010
conflicts: None that I have found as of yet.
Thanks to these people who were generous enough to allow me to use their meshes.
Bethesda, Tchos: who without his incredible "Breakfast Foods" mod I could never have done

the bowls of food, tiny bowls of salt and pepper, or butter stick. Tarnsman creator of

"Salmo the Baker" mod who I got the egg mesh from and made my eggs for this mod.
Contact me at: [email protected]

Please feel free to use any of these items in any way. Just remember to please give credit

where it is due. ^_^