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Chorrol Plateau by Braclo

Version 1.2
Date: 12 February 2011
Fixed a problem with a door related to the quest not showing. [Thanks to Caracas for bringing this to my attention]

Chorrol Plateau Walkthrough
Date: 2 February 2011
Chorrol Plateau Walkthrough, be warned that it will spoil some parts of the mod for you! I have included 2 documents, one specifically for the building aspect and the other for the quest aspect of the mod. Images are also included for the quest.

Version: 1.1
Date: 27 January 2011
Fixed a problem that you can't buy one of the books about the quest. [Thanks to merctime for letting me know about the problem]
Fixed a problem when NPC's are behind the tent when building your manor/farm, they dont register as being close to the plateau. [Thanks to Olja for reporting this problem]

Version: 1.0
Date: 19 September 2010
Official Release

Required Mods:
I tried my best but in the end I had to use this to do the stuff I wanted. If you don't have this installed, some stuff in the mod will NOT work. Also you will need this for Elys_USV: OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice

Elys_USV: OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice
One of the best mods in my opinion. This will add a 8 second silent file for silent voices aka No voice acting dialog. With this, you dont need MB's of silent sound files to place in for voice files. This is a required mod for my mod as I do not include silent voice files for the reasons it is a waste of space and I am not going to upload over a 100MB of silent files.

Recommended Mods:
Oblivion Mod Manager
If you want to use omod or have easier management of your mods in general, get this.


Chorrol Plateau is my first ever mod that I really have focused on and spend a lot of time on. Its a mod that allows you to build a farm or manor on the plateau south of Chorrol. But this is not just for deciding which one and poof, its there. No, to build your manor/farm, you will need to buy the land first of all, hire masons and clear it of any trees in the way. After this, you decide your build and pay the masons to start. Each build, (fence, road, guard house, mansion, etc) goes through building stages. After your main building has been build, you can decide which buildings comes next if any, its up to you.

You will need to hire staff to take full advantage of your farm/manor. YOu will need to pay your staff each month and also make sure the buildings is maintained and attacks are kept at a minimum so not to scare off staff.

If you have the farm, you will be able to buy seeds later on and tell your workers to plant them. This will then be harvested usually around the 20th of each month and placed in storage, you can even grow grapes and make wine later on for selling.

For the manor it is more for a luxury living where you can build a mansion with a special type of basement and hire guards to protect your manor.

Even though the construction and buildings is the main part of the mod, it is not all. A quest await anyone that think they are worthy of the treasure of change. It is not a simple follow-a-map-marker quest, you will need to solve riddles and puzzles to find out the true secrets.

About The Build
The building idea came from Odai Plateau in Morrowind. If you played Morrowind, you more than likely know what im talking about. In some part of the game (been so long, can't remember when exactly), you get the option to build your own stronghold on the Odai plateau south of Balmora. It was a pretty nice part of the game and the house you get aint bad at all.

South of Chorrol is also a plateau, and no, not created by me. This plateau came with the vanilla build. Now if Bethesda was planning to build something here, I do not know, but it was pretty well shaped and flat for it to be just "generated". It's a perfect spot to build something, and thats what I did. I changed as little landscape as I can since I like the natural look of things and the challenge to build around it. So for most part, the flat land you see there is how it is in the vanilla Oblivion.

The Quest
This quest is "non-journal", meaning you will not get notifications in your journal about your progress.There is no hand holding through this either, because a lot of games these days have become to easy by holding your hand through the quest and showing where is what. This has more a classic "Thrown in a room with a spoon and told "Find a way out!"" feel to it, except that your not stuck in a room... and you have more than a spoon... and your not stuck... ok you know what I mean. Point being, you will need to explore and solve riddles to really get somewhere. Also, knowing some of the lore of Cyrodiil will help. To note on that, I am lore crazy, I love it and that is why I did a lot of effort to stick everything in to be "lore-friendly" and also to make use of the existing lore.

The Staff System
To hire staff for your builds aint as simple as just hiring them and poof, they are there... again. >.> When you hire someone, you have to pay them every month and also keep them happy by preventing attacks and maintaining the buildings. This is all explained in-game and I am not going to do much effort explaining how its done here.

How to start/Location
Just go to Chorrol and talk to a local. Another option may be to look for the chest at the "For Sale" sign at the plateau. The plateau is located south of Chorrol, you really can't miss it. There is a wayshrine not far from it... like seriously, its a huge piece of flat land... if you reached Fort Carmala, you have gone to far. If you reach Skingrad... well then your totally way past it >.>

Images and Comments Note
Just want to mention something here for images that you may want to add and comments left. PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL IT. I know several people hate having their game spoiled, me being one of them, so when commenting, please do not mention how to get past a certain puzzle or how you did that or that. This concern the quest most of all because there is several secrets to it and discovering it on your own is much more fun than reading in the comments how the ending is. I call it "The Quest" and not its name for just that reason, as I want you to experience it firsthand. If you keep your eyes open and think clearly, it really isnt that hard.. oh! and I should mention, some secrets won't show the little "hand" icon for you to know to activate it. This has been removed on purpose so that you can use your brain more rather than just looking for a icon.

Files Included


Chorrol Plateau Readme.txt

Depending which one you downloaded.

Install - omod
No real need for a omod since its just a esp, but I really like OBMM so a omod version is available aswell.
Obviously you need Oblivion Mod Manager for this. Just double click it when you downloaded it, select it in the list of mods and press activate, voila!

Install - Manual
The Oblivion folder is usually located at C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion. So just go there, drag the ChorrolPlateau.esp file into the Data folder. Then run your oblivion launcher, select Data Files and make sure there is a checkmark next to ChorrolPlateau.esp

Update - omod
Double click on the omod so that it can be added to Oblivion Mod Manager.
Deactivate the old Chorrol Plateau
Activate the new Chorrol Plateau 1.1
Done - Enjoy!

Update - Manual
Replace the ChorrolPlateau.esp in your Oblivion\Data folder with the new ChorrolPlateau.esp you just downloaded.
Done - Enjoy!

Well I have tried my best to keep it compatible with as many mods as possible. The x markers used in the cities is vanilla quest markers that is in Better Cities aswell, so should be fine with that.
A few vanilla NPC's got dialog added to them, so does not change them or their position at all. As long as a other mod don't remove them or kill them off, it should be fine.
Obviously, if a mod change the plateau south of chorrol, there is going to be problems.
Unique Landscapes - Chorrol Hinterland shows some incompatibility. Just at the wall of the Chorrol Hinterland which surround the ruined fort on the hill south of Chorrol, there is a small difference between the cells, nothing major.
Hoarfrost Castle - The castle is on the same location as the woodcutters lodge. At the moment there ain't plans to fix this, but if it become a big problem for several people, I will look into it. Thx to Fewrfreyut for letting me know.

At the moment, none that I know of, but let me know if something goes bonkers. Just make sure to test it again so that we both know its a actual bug in the mod.

Special Thanks
First of all, Laerwynn. For giving advice, suggestions and overall inspiration for the mod.
.CN for his advice and suggestions.
Quartz: Glenvar Castle - Inspiration for a fun puzzle quest and the idea of hiding the "hand" icons on activators.
Nexus Community - For all the questions that I asked on the forums/chat and what you answered, thank you! Also for making Oblivion live so much longer due to the new life each mod gives it.
Bethesda - For creating the world we love and the lore that is my bedtime stories :P

Do not put this in a package with other mods or put it on a other site for download. If you want to use this mod for other than downloading and playing it, send me a message and I will get back to you.
At this moment the only site this is on is TesNexus. If you find this mod on any other site, please let me know.