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Adds Cobl amenities to the Priory of the Nine from the KotN official plugin, available once the priory is restored. Also adds some stuff to make it more home-like. Does NOT replace Knights.esp

Permissions and credits
Knights of the Nine Cobl addon

Category: Official Plugins
- Oblivion Patch
- Player-Created MOD: Cobl
- Official Bethesda MOD: Knights of the Nine
Author: migck

Adds Cobl amenities to the Priory of the Nine from the KotN official plugin, available once the priory is restored. Also adds some stuff to make it more home-like. Does NOT replace Knights.esp

Once the priory has been rebuilt, you will find:
- A dinner plate and a little water keg at the head of the table
- A nice warm fire at the fireplace, complete with illumination (seriously, what was that empty fireplace for?)
You will also find at any moment:
- The Luggage, waiting on top of a cupboard in your private quarters.
- Three food barrels. A much needed fix. Previously, all your knights and you could eat at the priory was the three pears and carrots in the upstairs shelf. Of course, they made short work of them whenever their eat packages started, and then there would be no more food for three days until the cell resets. Oblivion NPCs can't starve to death, but at least this tweak allows them to actually EAT often.
- The well in the courtyard has been changed to a Cobl water well, complete with Cobl fake water to give the impression that its filled.
- Sergius Turrianus, the imperial smith, will now be able to buy and sell stuff like any smith. He has 500 barter gold.
- Remeber Jauffre's secret room in Weynon priory? A similar cupboard door now separates your private quarters form the rest of the priory.

Simple and easy, and no need to replace Knights.esp. Seriously guys, everyone should learn to make deisolated mods to avoid un/installation headaches.

Install (Important info!)
1. Extract Knights - Cobl.esp to Oblivion/Dta folder, make sure it loads AFTER Knights.esp, and activate
2. If you have already finished the Knights of the Nine questline before using this mod, you'll have to get the load order number xx from Knights.esp (for example, if Knights.esp is your only mod, it will be 01, use Wrye Bash or OBMM to get the load order number for your installation). In game, type in the console: 'prid xx002283', then 'disable', then 'enable'.
Sorry, but automating this means adding a running script = loss of performance in your game. I prefer not to.
Additionally, you will probably need to select Sergius Turrianus, the smith, in the console and type 'SetClass 1c823' for him to buy and sell stuff if you started using this mod after installing the DLC.
None of step 2 should worry you if you started using the Knights DLC and this mod at the same time (like in a new game or a reinstallation of Knights for example)

To uninstall, deactivate or delete Knights - Cobl.esp

Don't know any, should be compatible with mods that replace Knights.esp as long as the inner layout of the priory is left more or less the same.

Known Issues or Bugs
Aforementioned install step 2 if you had finished the Knights questline before installing this mod.


2.0: Moved the food barrels to the upstairs shelf because knights were too [email protected]#%! to figure out how to reach them. Added a cupboard with drinks there too. Some will say they are ridiculously small, I prefer to think they are cute and minimalistic.

2.5: Sergius Turrianus can now buy and sell. A 'secret cupboard' now acts as a door to your private quarters, for them to actually be private.

2.6: Added Sergius to the Nine Divines faction, has auto-calculated stats (better mercantile and more balanced deals, should need no fix whatsoever)

Click my name and give me e-points! My low self-esteem NEEDS them! :P
Or you can drop me bug reports that way too.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion and Knights of the Nine.
Thanks to the Cobl team for adding spice to Oblivion.
Thanks to for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to Quantum Fluctuation and Evolution for creating ALL. Who needs a God if you have those?

Tools Used
TES Construction Set
Readme Generator

I hope the following resumes how I view the licensing of my work:

"Of many ways to get what you want I use the best, I use the rest!
I use the enemy, I use anarchy!

Cause I wanna be Anarchy, it's the only way to be!!!"

...Sex Pistols is a bad influence kiddos, remember going to breakfast and eating your school... wait...