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This mod requires OBSE 0018 or later. Get it from http://obse.silverlock.org/

New in V1.1.0


Pick Lock
The minion with the highest security skill will attempt to unlock the container. Minions will never break a lockpick but they can only open locks within their skill level.

Use/Pick Up/Pick Flora/use Furniture/etc
Assuming the target object doesn't already have a specific command associated with it, the minion will attempt to interact with it, equivalent to you pressing the use key on that object; they'll pick flowers, pick up loose items, push buttons, sit on chairs, open non-transition doors and so on. A little discretion is advised though during quests.

Loot Bag

Auto-recovery: There is a new toggle in the configuration page, if enabled when you walk away from the loot bag it will be automaticlly put back into your backpack along with it's contents instead of being discarded

New Menu: If you activate the loot bag with auto-recovery enabled you'll get a popup window asking whether you want to open, pick up or discard the bag's contents, in light of the fact the bag's contents is not auto-discarded in this mode.

Plus many fine tunings, bug fixes and tweaks...

Fed up of having to navigate six layers of dialogue in order to tell your companion to pick a flower and get it off him? - Yeah me too.

Minionz is a companion mod aimed at the impatient, the aspiring Overlord or the minion master. It packs most the features of a standard companion mod but has no dialogue menus, you simply hold down a key and assign orders, rearrange their inventories, have them carry or drop items or loot entire dungeons with a single click of the mouse. The interface is context sensitive, so clicking different kinds of object and using different mosue buttons produces different results; for example left clicking a foe sends one companion to attack, while right clicking a corpse sends all your companions to loot the area.

In addition, depending on your game setting you can recruit any NPC or join any faction in the game that takes your fancy. And adding fully customised companions is as simple as creating a standard brainless NPC (Or creature!) in the construction set and then minionising them in game with a single spell cast, no fiddling with factions, tokens, AI packages or master files.

Recruitting Minions

By default all character have a lesser power called "Recruit Ally", if you cast this on an NPC or creature who considers you a friend, or is in the same faction as you they will join you as a companion. Additionally any summons or commanded creatures under your control will behave as minions and follow your attack and follow commands, though these minions cannot carry items for you.

Depending what character package you chose you will also be given a number of other character-based spells or powers for recruitting companions/minions, such as the power to command roaming undead or animals, all these powers can be found in your spellbook and work simply by casting them on the desired creature or NPC.

You issue commands to minions by holding the command key and pressing left or right mouse button (LMB/RMB) over an object in the world. It's important to know that commands take two forms. Order and Task commands. Order commands immediatly send all minions who arn't busy to go help out with it, Task commands are built up into a task list, and the minions will work their way down the list, minions busy with a task will ignore orders until they are finished with what they are doing. This might initially sound problematic, but it in fact allows you to have the bulk of your minions following your orders closely, while splitting the spares to do menial tasks like picking flowers.

For a full list of commands check the read me. They include Loot Area, Harvest, Repair Items and more

The Loot Bag
When issuing commands such as Carry, Loot or Drop a moveable "loot bag" will be dropped in front of you, this is the container that the minions will drop their loot into so you can quickly review all of their goodies and pick out what you want to keep or discard. You can manually drop the loot bag for your minions by dropping it like any other carried item, similarly if you click the bag inside your inventory you can open it and access it's contents like it were a container.

You do not need to take the bag with you, a new one will be provided if you issue another loot or carry command later on but the previous bag will be destroyed along with all of it's contents. If you crouch and activate the bag you will pick it up, beware though the bag weighs as much as all of it's contents and may be quite heavy, it's usually more practical to order your minions to carry what they can by left-command-clicking the bag.

Another handy feature is the bag's value changes to reflect the value of it's contents, so you can see at a glance what your loot is worth and how much it weighs, additionally if you pick up the entire bag you can sell it directly to a merchant for the full value of it's contents and the empty bag will be returned to you.

Summoned Minions
All standard summons (Including modified versions such as those used by Supreme Magicka or Mighty Magicka) are automaticlly treatted as minions. Due to the way Oblivion handles summoned NPCs it is not possible to issue advanced commands such as Harvest, Carry Loot, Loot Container to these summoned NPCs or tell them to hold position. However, summons do respond to attack commands so you can designate targets or send them in ahead as a shield. Also armed summons can benefit from having their weapons repairred or improved by an expert armorer minion.

Non-standard summons that don't use the game's summon-spell template (Such as those added by Midas Magic) are not automaticlly treatted as minions, but can be turned into a minion by casting an appropriate minionising spell on them after they have been summoned. In most cases these summons will respond to advanced commands such harvest or loot, though do be careful, in most cases any items these minions are carrying will be lost when they die or unsummon.

Equipment and Repairs

When you access a minion's inventory they will review their gear and equip what they feel to be best from what they are carrying. In this way you can supply your allies with better equipment if you want. Minions can also use potions and scrolls, there is a toggle in the options panel that stops minions from handing in scrolls or potions when they hand in loot and will instead keep them for themselves.

Additionally the minion with the highest armourer rank will be designated as the team's armourer. This NPC will hold onto any repair hammers he finds instead of turning them in. Every so often he'll go through the parties equipment and automaticlly repair everybodies gear to the best of his ability (including yours) providing he doesn't run out of hammers. The armourer benefits from the standard armourer perks and so armourers above rank 75 can actually repair your equipment beyond 100% and improve it while they need at least 50 to repair magical items. You can disable automatic repairs or adjust the interval between repairs on the configuration page.

...and more!...