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This mod is a SIMPLE disease-enhancement mod. It makes diseases more serious, and also adds a chance to recover from them naturally. NO LONGER REQUIRES PLUGGY.

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=== The Treatment of Diseases ===

version 2
September 11, 2010
by Picador

* NOTE: This mod requires OBSE version 0018 or later! See Compatibility, below. *

= Overview =

This mod is a SIMPLE disease-enhancement mod. It makes diseases more serious, and also adds a chance to recover from them naturally.

It has the following features:

1. Diseases are easy to cure temporarily, but they linger as infections that can flare up again.
2. Untreated diseases cause attribute damage over time corresponding to the attributes drained by the disease.
3. The only way to permanently defeat an infection is by waiting for your body to eliminate it. Endurance and Resist Disease determine how long this takes, and even temporary boosts to Resist Disease make a difference (so those Resist Disease potions and spells now have a purpose!)
4. Works with all diseases -- even those added by mods.
5. No new items or complicated methods of treating diseases -- EXTREMELY compatible.

= Mechanics =

The mod works by maintaining three different states for a disease: symptomatic, infected, and defeated.

When a disease is contracted, it is symptomatic: the disease shows up in the PC's spell list and he suffers the associated negative effects. In addition, his attributes degenerate every four hours, based on the Drain effects of each symptomatic disease: if he has a single disease with Drain Agility 5 and Drain Endurance 10, he will suffer 1 point of Agility Damage and 2 points of Endurance Damage every four hours.

Every 24 hours, there is a chance for a symptomatic disease to recede to an asymptomatic infection, or for an asymptomatic infection to be defeated permanently. However, there is also a chance for an asymptomatic infection to return to full symptomatic status.

The "Cure Disease" effect still works -- it eliminates the symptoms of a disease and reduces it to an asymptomatic infection. However, to defeat an inefction, the PC must wait until his body fights it off naturally over time.

The chance of reducing symptoms or defeating an infection -- or conversely, of having an infection flare up into symptoms again -- is based on the PC's Endurance and Disease Resistance scores. Even a temporary boost to Disease Resistance, such as from a potion, will increase the PC's chance to recover after the 24 hour period in which the potion is imbibed.

Thanks to OBSE arrays, the mod can handle an infinite number of diseases at once. It can also handle new diseases added by mods.

The mod adds a single new item to the game: a book by the famous physician Amantius Allectus entitled "The Treatment of Diseases", available for purchase at a very reasonable price at The First Edition in the Imperial City. This is a handy reference for any scientist, doctor or alchemist interested in studying or treating the symptoms and after-effects of diseases and infections.

= Installation / Uninstallation =

Install by placing the file "TheTreatmentofDiseases.esp" in your Oblivion/Data folder and activating it under Data Files in the Oblivion launcher menu.

Uninstall by removing the .esp file. The uninstall should be completely clean.

This mod's folder structure is BAIN-ready.

= Compatibility =

This mod should have few incompatibilities. It adds only a single quest with a single script, which runs once per second. It also adds a single book, which is added to the vendor chest in The First Edition by the quest script.

= Other Suggested/Required Mods =

* This mod REQUIRES Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) version 0018 or later. You can download OBSE here:


= Changelog =

v2 (Sep 11, 2010)

* Optimized script loop to eliminate one array and eliminate extra attribute damage checks

* Switched to OBSE arrays - Pluggy no longer required

v1 (Sep 9, 2010)

= Attribution and License Information =

Contact Picador through the Bethesda Forums or by emailing [lucaspicador at gmail dot com].

This mod is in the public domain. Feel free to use this mod and all its contents in any way you like. Some attribution to Picador in your README would be appreciated if you think it's due.

If you want to start your own variant mod using this as a baseline, please name it something different so as to avoid confusion.

Many thanks to all the members of the Oblivion mod community who have generously contributed their time and expertise to aiding, instructing, and inspiring other modders like me.