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Adds a new Magic Effect and 5 spells to the game that cast a phoenix onto your opponents

Permissions and credits
---- Casting a Phoenix ----

Author: Mérong
v1.x: Oblivion
v2.x: Oblivion, OBSE v18, OBME 1.beta4

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v2.x: Adds a new Magic Effect and 5 spells to the game that cast a phoenix onto your opponents

v 1.x: Changes the appareance of all fire damage target spells from the vanilla fireball into a phoenix.

v1 and v2 are actually two different mods that can be used at the same time. v1 is a replacer and v2 adds a new Effect. Choose what you like.

This mod adds a new Magic Effect called 'Phoenix' to the game. All stats of the effect are the same as the Fire Damage effect. Only the appearance and the casting sound are changed into a phoenix and its cry.
The 5 Spells are the same as the 5 vanilla standart Fire Damage Spells.

They can be bought at Edgar's Discount Spells in the IC Market District.
If you already have one of the 5 vanilla standart Fire Damage Spells (Flare, Flash Bolt, Blazing Spear, Heat Blast, Immolating Blast) you can travel to the Ayleid Ruin Fanacasecul (South of Weye) and activate the Welkynd Stone at the base of the bird statue. According to which spell you own the corresponding Phoenix spell will be added to your spellbook.

Version 2 requires:
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v18 or later
Oblivion Magic Extender (OBME) v1.beta4 or later
All requirements of these mods

This mod replaces the files fireball.nif and spl_fireball_cast.wav
Instead of a fireball you are casting a phoenix onto your opponents and vice versa.
The casting sound now also includes the cry of a hawk. (If the sound is too annoying you can simply delete the custom spl_fireball_cast.wav file and play with the vanilla sound ;D)
v1.1: Applies an better UV-Map to the phoenix.

Version 1 has no other requirements.

Install & Uninstall
See Readme

V2.0 CAN be use together with v1.x .

See Readme

Known Issues or Bugs
None known.
If you find anything, leave a comment on the TESNexus page.

1.0: 2010/09/08 - Initial release (replacer)
1.1: 2010/09/10 - Better UV-Map
2.0: 2010/09/10 - Change from replacer to seperate Magic Effect with 5 spells

Find me on TESNexus as 'Mérong'

Thanks to...
Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Nealus for reminding me of OBME
JRoush for OBME
The OBSE team for OBSE

Tools Used
TES Construction Set
The Gimp

Do what you want with this mod, but give me proper Credit!