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Adds a small island to relax on and a mysterious riddle with a big reward for completing!

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Below is the original readme(there were minor alterations to grammar), and, I have slow internet, so the file will be up eventually. Very few people are familiar with this mod, but there was a handful of people who enjoyed this mod, but sadly, the author was banned, and all his work was taken down. No he was not banned for infringing on someone else's work, he makes all his own stuff (except modders resources, but he gives credit, or asks for permission first before using). Anyways, I have uploaded them back up, and will be working on getting all his mods up (even those he did not release before - that is if I get permission).


[size="5"]Camp Simplicity Complete Version 1.0[/size]
V 1.0.1

A mod by

Nolan Murillo

*Be sure to read the updated information indicated in the index!

Need a little more atmosphere to your adventuring? Too filthy rich and loaded that your mansions, castle, and cities you own is just too much now? Have Side's Sailing Ships, but you have sailed to every borring and empty heightmap out there? Tired of reading your beat up ol' copy of the "Lusty Argonian Maid"? Well, probably 3/4 of those things don't apply to you, but that doesn't mean you can't check out this mod!

Camp Simplicity is a small camp North of Anvil, on a small island not far off the coast. I played god and raised the ground myself, terraforming seabed into a now habital island. I focused a lot of work into making the island look natural. Not only does the environment look natural, I also made the enviroment look similar of that to Vanilla Oblivion's idea of "natural". When you arrive on it, I promise you, you wouldn't step foot on it and say "This island is obviously part of a mod". Instead you will more than likely think, "I don't remember this island being here".
I sculpted, not just the area you see above the water, but I sculpted it to look natural, all the way down to the sea floor.

[size="2"]If there are any problems that are not listed in the "Known Bugs" or "Incompatibilities" section, please report them to my email under the "Usage and Contact" section.[/size]

Oh, and did I forget to mention, it comes with a free sword?

*1* Description
*1.1* Arrow Leveling chart
*2* Requirements
*3* Installation/Upgrading
*4* Incompatability---!UPDATED! 09/09/10
*5* Changelog
*6* Credit
*7* Known Bugs
*8* Future Plans
*9* Usage & Contact
*10* A Small Request for my mods users...

*1* Description

This mod adds a small camp with your own storage chest, a place to rest, and a Adevnture Assistant to help fill your inventory with things to help you survive, such as potions, Ammo*, and repair hammers!
*The ammo sold by this merchant is leveled! meaning at level 1 you will only find Iron arrows, but by level 30 you will be able to buy a max of 175 Daedric arrows! (chart will be shown at the bottom)
There are a 6 easter eggs I have hidden here. But, let me let you know, they are all accessed around your Adventure Assistant. (or atleast you will learn about them from around him, but the actual location of the easter eggs can be as far away as Leyawiin)

Why? Because the mod didn't seem complete as just a camp. The reward for finding the eggs? Nothing much, but there is an award.
It's called Camp Simplicity, not because of it's simplistic nature, but because I was too lazy to put hours and hours of work into scripting (actually there was some scripting done on a few of the eggs) and creating quests, dungeons and so forth. So, for future reference - may you decide to go on the easter egg hunt - if you feel that you need to find a non vanilla dungeon for an egg, slap yourself, because I didn't want to waste time.

This mod was actually made for two reasons. First, I downloaded a mod very similar from Nexus user Eddy107 called Mountain Camp. It is exactly as it sounds, it just adds a camp in the Jerall Mountains. I decided that I wanted to make something similar, so I made this...though these easter eggs take forever to make!

The second is because Side (creator of Better Music System) made a mod for sailing ships! well I wanted my beautiful vessel to have somewhere to travel. Why a dock? Because ships don't have anywhere to park, and when a big cruiser comes sailing in, they wind up wrecking into the Adventure Assistants building. (I know this will happen because it happened while I was playing...damn those drunken captains!)
So, I made a dock fit for the ship I own, and made it so I could sail with a destination in mind.

*1.1* Arrow Chart
Level 1: 175 Iron Arrows Available

Level 5: 175 Steel Arrows Available

Level 9: 175 Silver Arrows Available

Level14: 175 Dwarven Arrows Available

Level17: 175 Elven Arrows Available

Level21: 175 Glass Arrows Available

Level26: 175 Ebony Arrows Available

Level30: 175 Daedric Arrows Available

(Please note this chart may not be 100% accurate, and at lower levels you SHOULD find a handful of the next set of arrows available from the merchant)
***According to a test run I made, the max number of arrows of a specific type that will ever spawn (oddly enough) is about 700. It is not a priority to me, but I will get around to fixing that eventually.

*2* Requirements

Obviously you will need the latest Oblivion patch, and that is it! Shivering Isles? NOPE!
To properly experiance this mod, however, you will need to have beaten the main quest line.

However, I recommend you get the Beta of Side's Sailing Ships

(requires OBSE v18 beta 6)

and also Eddy107's Mountain Camp
(latest Oblivion Patch and that is it)

*3* Installation/Upgrading

Copy your Camp Simplicity.esp, Textures and Meshes folders into your Oblivion/Data directory. If prompted to merge/overwrite folders, say yes (it won't REALLY overwrite whats in the folder, it's just adding these files to your folder)
If you downloaded the omod, move the omod file into your Oblivion/obmm/mods folder and double click to launch obmm, activate it, then activate it in the Oblivion Launcher and you are set to go! (Or just copy the OBMM folder in the zip file to your Oblivion folder, and say yes when asked to merge folders.)

If you are upgrading your Camp Simplicity to version 1.0.1 follow these instructions:
Deactivate Camp Simplicity.esp in Oblivion. Go onto your save game, load it up and leave the Camp Simplicity Island - I strongly recommend going into an interior. Save the game and exit. Place the new Camp Simplicity.esp into your Oblivion/Data folder and when prompted overwrite, say yes. Activate Camp Simplicity in your Oblivion Launcher's "Data Files".

If you are upgrading from the Beta version, follow the steps listed for the 1.0.1 upgrade.

**The current available download (both OMOD and normal .esp) on the Nexus are already upgraded to 1.0.1!

*4* Incompatability

As verified by my friend, Camp Simplicity's location is out of the modification zone that modifies the Gold Coast region, so there should be no incompatibility with a UL mod to my knowledge.

Aside from that,there should be little to no incompatabilities. It might conflict with any other mod that uses that land space, but as far as I know, there are no other mods that use that land space, other than Daedric Shrine Ruins by David Brasher. It is convienantly placed about midway between Anvil Docks and the Isle of Stirk.

There were a few changes made to a few locations, but I do not believe it will cause any problems. If you Crash at a specific location, FIRST, test to find out what mod is causing it. If it is this mod, read the Usage and Contact section.

A Patch is available to make Daedric Shrine Ruins work with Camp Simplicity thanks to David Brasher! However without the patch the incompatibility remains.

*5* Changelog

-Version 1.0.1 Update: (D.O.R. 05/13/10)
*---Cleaned mod of dirty edits and a few other things.
*---Added Author and description to the .esp.

-Version 1 Complete: (D.O.R. 05/02/10)
*---hint notes only received once.
*---The chair under the tent will no long disable movement.
*---When entering Bonus Area: Sanctum of Disaster, you will no longer fall endlessly through the floor.
*---magical floating items now resting on solid ground (some may still exist. If you find any that are apparent to this mod, please report the cell/location to me, and the item that is floating)
*---No longer need to buy A Note, A Riddle, it comes with the EE
*---Easter Eggs now contain powerful (perhaps over powered) spells and abilities.
*---Can now buy extra-long burning torches from Adv. Assis.
*---Added a teleportation spell to teleport to the camp from any place in Tamriel
*---Relocated the camp to a new island (now incompatable with UL that effects the Gold Coast)
*---added 2 additional Easter Eggs that ARE NOT books but just plain silliness
*---Added a new area of unimportance (read section 10, "A small request for my mod's users....")
*---Changed readme to have more recent info.

-Version 1 Beta: Initial Release 04/12/10

*6* Credit

I made the mod, Nolan Murillo, so this standalone mod is credited towards me. However there was inspiration involed and these people I think deserve credit:

Esspecially Side! thank you for your awesome mods!

Namely Eddy107! Seeing the friendly comments on your mod showed me it doesn't matter the complexity of the mod. Mods of simplicity are just as appreciated as complex ones.

Definately Gabriella! She'll never read these credits, she doesn't play Oblivion, but if you find the easter eggs you might be able to note how she deserves credit.

Namely Arthmoor, Tomlong, Cliffworms, and Dwip! Each helped me in crossing off a few options when it came to solving a scripting issue,
--and Cliffworms showed me how to script a little bit.
--Dwip showed me how to make the teleportation spell.

And these easter eggs would not be complete without Dall's and Dragon Blade's 3D knowledge! Thank you so much!
--Dall creator of the mesh and texture for the weapon
--Dragon Blade created the mesh/textures for the final easter egg.

And ofcourse a big thanks to those who beta tested, and omejrac for pointing out a conflict with the original beta (making me have to move the camps location to where it is now in the current version).

--I'd actually like to take the time right now to especially give a lot of credit to Miss Tomlong. Had she not helped me resolve my problems with my Oblivion game, Camp Simplicity Complete Version 1.0 would not have been able to be released. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*7* Known Bugs

There is a small, 2% chance when using the final easter egg (you'll know it when you get it) that you game may crash. This is not entirely dependant on this mod, but is dependant on how many script heavy mods you are running at the same time with this one. (please know it is not this mod alone, it can be any mod with a similar script). This is a problem that is physically impossible for myself to resolve. If you want this resolved - if for some odd reason it is presistant - then you will need a better computer. Please remember though, the chances of this happening are incredibly slim!

Do not drop the container for the last Easter Egg! there is no mesh (yet) for this item. If you do drop it, the only way to retrieve it is to reload.

If you are running OOO's "Water Weed.esp" file, the land on the island may be a bit...odd, but still totally playable.

*8* Future Plans

1) Add a book that can be found commonly throughout the world called "A Brief History on Simplicity" that will enlighten players about the rather elusive past of Camp Simplicity

2) Add one quest that will reveal more of Simplicities past.

3) remove all those pesky little bugs, and patch anything that is reported to me.

*9* Usage and Contact

Everything is free to use in this mod. If you use the custom made item, please credit Dall for the sword mesh/texture, or Dragon Blade for the book mesh/texture. If you use any idea stated in the Easter Eggs or expand the camp itself, please credit me.
if you wish to expand on any ideas stated in this Mod please credit me, and inform me how you are expanding it. (I am not going to stop you - even if you are making a mod off of my ideas to bash them. I just want to know how you wish to expand on the ideology in this mod.)
It would be really nice if you inform me that you are going to modify my mod in any form or fashion, but it is not required.

If you wish to redistribute kindly, then contact me. However I am certain those who feel the need to distribute this will not even take the time to do that, but there is nothing in my power over the internet to stop you. However, I would prefer you to contact me if you really MUST redistribute it to tell me how and why you are doing so.

if you need to report a bug, congradulate me on my work, want to marry me, send hate mail, or need a psychiatrist (I recommend getting a professional psychiatrist though) then contact me at my semi - professional email.

friend_re_quest (a) yahoo (dot) com

*10* A Small request for my mod's users...

I would like it if my mod users would take the time to upload their own screenshots of their adventures with this mod! Please don't reveal the locations of any easter egg though!

I have set up in the testing halls a room where you can take pictures of your character in a sort of "gothically" lit area. just open the console and type in "coc testinghalls". The room was made very hastily, so watch your step! You may just fall off the map, and you'll need to use coc to save yourself from falling endlessly in the abyss.