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This mod adds numerous characters throughout Cyrodiil who are eager to engage in single combat.

Permissions and credits
"The Duelists" adds ~30 named NPC's to various locations. They can be prompted into fighting through dialogue; some are easily offended (and thus require little goading), whereas others must be thoroughly perturbed before a duel can be initiated.

Most of the NPC's can be found in common areas such as taverns, inns, etc. Some of them are only enabled by speaking to another NPC first.

The NPC's are designed to combat high-level players (25+) without being insanely difficult. The ultimate goal of the mod is to enhance exploration, dialogue, and role-playing for advanced characters looking for a new thrill. DO NOT ACTIVATE THIS PLUGIN UNTIL YOU ARE AT LEAST LEVEL 20.

If you're resolute on finding every NPC just reference the NPC list document that is included with the .esp.

Here are some of the encounters you'll find:
- Drunken brawlers
- Lecherous patrons harassing female workers
- Roaming barbarians
- Former employees of Blackwood Co. who'll react according to your advancement with the Fighter's Guild.
- Vampire Hunters, vampires, and vampires hunter... hunters.
(I'm a huge fan of Verona House and OVBE so this was essential)
- Roaming knights-errant
- Jealous husbands
- Libelous writers
- Truculent bards (yes, they can be nasty!)
- Ex-Gladiators
- Several characters that link to specific quests in the main storyline (they will be prone to duel depending on your actions)

In summary, this is geared towards "good" players with high fame. This is my first oblivion mod, and in truth it was undertaken to develop my skills with scripting, quests, and NPC's. I encourage constructive criticism, but bear in mind I'm relatively new at this.

If you enjoy the mod or have ideas/requests for future NPC's, please suggest them at this thread for "The Duelists 2": http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34575

There's a Japanese version as well:

I hope you enjoy the mod as much I enjoyed making it! (Cliche, but it holds true!)

Other Notes:
- There are no quest notes or updates; I have dozens of active quests, so I didn't want to litter my quest log with anything else. These are effectively "quasi-quests" that are very ephemeral, so I deemed it unnecessary to further clog up anyone's quest log.
- This mod should only require Oblivion.esm
- If you've killed all the duelists or find the NPC's too easy to kill, check out Lord Frostcraig's "The Duelists 2", which is geared toward even higher level players:

- Thanks to the phenomenal mods and modders here as well as the ongoing support and information for novices like myself. I hope to contribute more as my skills improve!
- To Hickory for discovering conflicts with Open Cities and my numerous errors in scripting and AI
- To Sylar0712 for bringing dirty records to my attention
- Lord Frostcraig for promoting my plugin and creating another mod for aspiring duelists
- Users like *you* who comment, provide feedback, and tell other users to try my mod!

- Open Cities (Hickory is working on a compatible version)

Version .96
- Fixed Jean Galois' AI Package
- Drastically reduced weapon stats
- More NPC scaling (for balance)
Version .95
- Fixed dialogue with Russell Corvus (can avoid fight)
- Dro'Zakar can now duel outside town (avoid guards)
- Toned down stats for some of the NPC's and weapons
- Made Corvus' gear non-playable (balance issue)
- Added a duelist at the Chorrol Fighter's Guild (can't help it - they're too much fun to make!)
- Cleaned again with TES4Edit
Version .93
- Cleaned .esp with TES4Edit
Version .92:
- This corrects issues with Pedr the preacher (he must be enabled through dialogue - reference the NPC list) as well as AI mistakes on my part.
- It also adds over 10 new NPC's with various skillsets (I got inspired after watching Ridley Scott's "The Duelists").
-I've made efforts to improve dialogue options and reduce the chance of CTD during encounters.
- Augmented stats and armor for several of the knights-errant (Onegin Mordred in particular)
- Even if your character is evil, there are plenty of NPC's to fight in this version (fame isn't everything, right?)

My only request for users:
- Please comment!