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This is a texture replacer for all skill books. It gives the books a new leather look and adds pictures to the covers for easy identification.

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Unique Enticing Skill Books

This is a texture replacer for all skill books.It does not effect the text inside. And it does not effect the size of the books.

Skill books now have a leather cover/jacket, and are categorized into volumes marked with Roman Numerals.

The new book covers/jackets also show pictures of the specific skill which will be upgraded. And will have the skill written on the book binding.
(Now you'll be able to spot a skill book without much difficulty)

Icon Images have also been updated, every book icon will look like the book you picked up.

If you decide to uninstall this mod, all oblivions original textures for the books will be still be there. This mod does not overwrite Oblivions original textures.

This is the second installment of Unique Enticing Books. The first installment retextures all common and rare books. Find it here:

Unique Enticing Books

*NOTE* All close up images of the books are extreme closeups taken in the CS(you would never see them this BIG in game. Therefore the textures are extremely stretched.) They will show up in hi-resolution in game.(they will look very similar to the image titled"All New Look"


1. Copy the esp. file and the Texture/Mesh files into the oblivion/Data directory

2. Check off the new esp in the Data folder when you start your game.
Or Check it off in oblivions mod manager if you use that.

3. Enjoy

Created By clintmich