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The Elder Scrolls IV




** The HM2 Boobs Patch is only for who installed any kind of moving breast. If you don't use boobs mod, do not download patch file **


I. Description
II. Features
III. Requirements
IV. Installation
V. Quest
VI. Future Releases & Notice
VII. Credits & Usage

A. Description

This mod adds 8 new dungeons, 8 related quest, 15 uniquely designed monsters and lots of new items to your elderscroll world. Because almost everything is done by me, though I have put stability and compatibility to my priority concern, it is likely to have some bugs or missing textures. So this beta version is to test my mod and get the feedbacks from all around the world.

To make sure there are no issues of problem which are mostly pointed out from previous HentaiMania mod, I haven't included any kinds of other mod except 2 new dungeon mod which are looks safe to use. Every other 5 dungeons are duplicated from original ones that there will be no conflicting issues with original dungeons or user-made dungeon or quest mod like OOO.

Making Hentaimania2, I gave STABILITY and DIVERSITY to my priority concerns. Admittedly, I was too ambitious about making hentaimania1 perfect so I had made too many changes in original game. Also, there were only female characters in hentaimania1 dungeons, the fact, maybe made me look sexist or something. Of course, there were lots of other problems which were pointed out from all over the forums. I had read almost every comment about HM1 and had committed to don't these things happen again in my next mania series.

First of all, I have made every dungeons of HM2 to be separate from original dungeons. And It's not gonna ask you install any other mod (But if you gonna company companions whose name are "Acane", "Grocan" and "Mori" , you need to install CM Partner mod. Companion can be un-active choosing OBMM option) and there is no complex script included except simple quest script. Secondly, To give my mod diversity, I have made various type of monsters - male, female, beast-type and undead.

B. Features

1. 7 New Dungeons
Every dungeons are either copied from original dungeons or borrowed from other user-made dungeon like "Scalet Monastery" so I'm sure that there will be No conflicts with other dungeon mods. Compared with original dungeons, the size of Hm2 dungeons are 1.5 ~ 2 times bigger than that of the original ones. There are 3 kinds of dungeon levels. Normal Superior and Elite. The dungeons are initially unseen until you get the related quest.
Even though you may find a HM2 dungeon by any chance, you better not try the dungeon until you get the quest.

Normal dungeons

Superior dungeons

Elite dungeon
The Crementine temple

2. Quests
I had been thinking over whether I should make a quest. Because, making a quest means, I should do both the English-writing and scripting at the same time which are definately not my forte. I had never studied or tried scripting and rarely writed English sentence. The truth is that writing a simple dialogue is one thing and writing a dialogue with emotional and classicall tone is another.
The whole thing looked impossible. However, I challenged, and tried, and studied, and writed, and finally made quests which will tell you the story of hentai-made world. One thing what I learned from modding is that doing something I was scared of was incredibly liberating. Addmittedly I was scared of I'll fail or made a fool of myself.
Even if Im proud of myself being able to make dialogues, quest, and coding script, It doesn't mean that quests are fantastic or the dialogues are haert-thrilling. I had to give up a lot of dialogues and quests because of my short knowledge of script-making in CS tool.
You have to know that how diffcuilt it is to writing dialogues as a non English speaker.

3. Enemies
I have made whole new characters who are going to struggling to kill you. Like the Hm1, they are not going to be stronger when you leveled up. I know some people don't like the idea of fixed level but I have put 4 kind of level you can choose in OBMM option ( Normal, nightmare, Hell and Hentai) So you can choose whatever level you think you can manage. Monsters are mainly divided to three category according to there rank - Normal, superior and elite. Maybe they are strong and hard to kill in terms of your experience and choice of level, but I don't like to get stressed and consume too much time to kill monsters when playing the game so I didn't gave them too much health points. Their health level is as good as original one but damages of their attack would be beyond your expectation. Fast combat but not going to be easy.
Each model of HM2 characters or monsters has their own special attributes. Therefore, If you gonna survive them, you need to fugure out what their strength is.
Also, they are classified into a couple of class. (ie, BattleDancers are divided into BattleDancer, BattleArcher, BladeDancer and Chaldean) and every dungeon has it's boss. They will give you a quest item, and sometimes rare items.

4. levels
Difficulty ranging from normal to hell can be selected to meet your personal favor from the obmm menu.

Normal - Although Normal level is the easiest, you need to be at least 15 level to survive from the carious threats. I guess 20level is appropriate.
Nightmare - If your characters level is above 30 or you feel you can manage tougher enemies, Go ahead.
Hell - You want to check how Munchkin your character is? This level
is for you.
Hentai - Do not do this. (Not available in Omod version)

5. Items
I have made many weaponry. Not much as to HM1. See to yourself.

6. Install from Obmm
I have never released Obmm-based file because I like it to be simple but I felt I need to use obmm to make my mod look good and to void any inconvenience you may encounter. By installing the files from OBMM you can choose difficulties and decide whether or not you'll use companions who are going to fight with you by side.
I also included non-Obmm files asking you to install manually.

7. Companion
STILL NOT AVAILABLE ( I tried to make companions without CM partners mod but failed, I need more time to study making companions)

C. Requirements

Oblivion version 1.2.0416 is required.
Oblivion Script Extender ( http://obse.silverlock.org/ ) version 0012 or above.
Oblivion Mod Manager

D. Installation

1. Install with OBMM
- Install OblivionModManager
- Unzip all files into any folder and double-click the file.
- Double-click the HentaiMania2.esp on the left side of OBMM window.
- Choose the diffculty when the windows show up
- When asked like "Is HM2SummonCompatible.esp used? A monster of summons is changed for HM2 standard."
choose "yes" if you have installed mods which contains a lot of summoning spells

2. Install Without OBMM
- Unzip all files into any folder and copy or move the files to Oblivion/Data Files directory.
- To play, from the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and check the box HentaiMania.esp
- To play another diffculty, open the folder "Optional" copy the proper files to Oblivion/Data Files directory and check the box on the launcher menu.(If you going to play normal diffculty, you don't need to do this)
This plug-in will not invalidate your old saved games.

3. If you have any kind of Moving Breast mod, download patch file

C. Quest

At the north of leyawiin, An eastern woman is standing beside the road. Talk to her and then a quest will begin. There are 8 serial quests that is the main quest of HM2 and one side quest.

C. Future Releases & Notice

I have tried to make a race mod out of the Orc meshes and textures this mod includes but I had hit the stag over and over. I'm still trying to figure out how to make this race. This is my priority concern for now.

Im going to add another new dungeons, monsters or items whenever I have free time.

I think I am rather impulsive. So Im not actually sure what I'm going to make next time.

D. Credits & Usage

a. Credits:

I Thank
ub3rman123 for letting me use his/her best-downloading dungeons "Scarlet Monastry"and "ShadowFang Keep"
Raira for HGEC body meshes and textures
Ren for Ren's beauty pack
Beni for DMC Stylish - Animation Replacer
Spell Singer - Animation Replacer
Odem for Seirei-No-Hitokiri Katana
Slof for Robe Trader and Slof's Long Bow
Brucevayne for Oblivion Sound Set
Sinblood for Terry_Malick's BallGown retexture and Revenous Elegance
Terry_Malick for BallGown retexture
Nicolas for buying me some beer.
Chunkster for Custom Combat Voice Tutorial
Elys for OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice
RidiculousX for OBMM Idle Pose Replacer

Mr_Siika: Castle Resource, Bats, Dwarven beards and dwemer cannons
MEO3000: Spiral Stairs, Palisade Resource, Fireplaces Resource
Nexon: Nexon's Armory
WillieSea: Book planes
Barabus: Crypt tileset
Texian: Animated water mesh
Nkyhiro for helping me make official Hentaimania2 omod file and fixing lots of problems.
Ofam for testing the files and fixing lots of problems

Havoc.com.inc for NifScope
BlenderDoundation for Blender
Everyone enjoying HentaiMania2

Should I missed someone, plz let me know.

b. Usage

Don't use meshes and textures included in files.

First, I need to add more quests concerning Xeona and Kagome. (Kagome even didn't appeared this time)
Second, I want HM2's characters and monsters to be unique because Im planning to upgrade this mod once in a while. This way, I can be motivated to make another dungeon, quest, monster or new item.
Though using meshes and textures included are expressly prohibited, you can make any kind of mod which are to upgrade or change HM2 contents unless you dont change or damage HM2's characters and monsters.


There are a couple of things I want to tell you.

First, I haven't made every character and monster randomly. They are result of organizing and mind-mapping. It has story, different faction, and different reason to stand against you. Battledancers are from Kohaku Clan and they are dominant-subordinate status with Orcs. Orcs are temporaily allied with Avallah - A demonic race. Every named champion and boss has it's own business with each other. I know It would be great to make these things appear in the game.But It is beyond my ability to make these things come true. If I coureaged enough to make a story book written in English, I will make a book as a mod.

Second, I had devouted so much time and efforts to this mod.
I hope you to leave a comment and give me a endorse if you think it's worth it.
I usually don't reply comment but actually read almost everything on the page.
I also know a bunch of people who always give me a good comment. I really thanks for them.

Third, I mod because It is fun. I'll stop when I feel no more joy. It is as simple as that. In fact, most of the progresses of HM2 were done by the time when I released HM2 Trailer, then I just stopped because I was tired and get stressed. Honestly, Im not doing this for you. Im doing this for me. I have no oblivigation and reponsibility to make mod. Making something is a brilliant joy and seeing the result is even more delightful. And It is also a big moment to see other people who enjoy my mods. you may know that Im one of the modder who puts great effort to making mod and What I want from you is simple. Enjoy my mod.