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Crystal Isles Readme

One might expect a team created this mod. It didn’t, I created it in an intense month of free time.

This is an adventure mod in which you should find a lot of play interest. There are three islands, and a complete community with stores, shops, inns, and a hotel. You can become master of this island and receive income. You will need to read the diaries in the main house for more information. These diaries are full of clues. To get into the main house you must find the key and that is an adventure fraught with danger.

While you are without a home you can stay in the Septim Suite in the hotel. The key is on the counter. You can also stay aboard your private yacht at dock in the village, or aboard the Blades ship in the harbor. The key is on the entry desk. Take a boat from the campsite to get to it.

You have received an urgent message from Lady Clarice Piggott informing you she has left a key and a note of explanation at a crypt in the IC Palace District. Fast travel there, retrieve the key, and read the note. That is where your adventure and several quests begin.

The next “clue” is on a bench outside the main house on the island. Go for it, champ.

The quests are unscripted. Clues may be found in strategically placed notes, plus a 10 volume Journal, kept by James Piggott founder of Crystal Isles. You have to find the key and open the house to get the Journals.

The Crystal Isles and Village contain 5 player homes. You own the yacht “Cassandra” berthed at the waterfront. You have the Hero’s Suite aboard the Blades ship “Intrepid” anchored off Waterfall Island. A boat will take you to the ship; the key is on a desk in the cabin entry. A boat will take you to Ogres Head Isle, where completing a small quest will get you a nice cabin. You may use the Septim Suite in the Crystal Hotel; the key is on the desk in the lobby.

The “Crystal Isles Home” consists of 11 rooms not counting the entry hall with displays. Features include a front door that swings open for entry, and glass see-through windows. You can even see through the lace curtains in the bedroom. The glass is unbreakable. You can beat it with a sword and sparks will fly, your sword may break, the glass will not.

The most notable features are the Glass Menagerie Exhibits. Six unique exhibits in their own environments each featuring a different theme. These are living environments observed from behind a glass barrier. The largest display is an entire farm, including a farmer and his wife who live there and tend the gardens and animals. Each exhibit has an explanatory guide posted just outside the door in the atrium.

One of the exhibits may be entered and lived in. It is for those players on the “Dark Side”. It is safe for anyone to enter the inhabitants are not hostile. Grab a bed for the night in the crypt, or go hob-nobbing with the natives in the included dungeon.

The Islands feature a waterfront with two ships berthed, another ship at anchor, merchants, a mage, hotel, tavern, rooming house, a Chapel and guardhouse. The Priors house and the caretaker’s house round out the community. A special feature is the enormous clear glass dome. There are places for vacationers, including a camp on Waterfall Island, and crystal cabanas on the beach.

A third small island has a vacation cabin, which can be yours with an effort. There is a treasure cave on that island worth exploring. Deer and bears roam freely.

There are three dungeons, one of them holds the key to the main house and even more adventure.

You have a horse, “Thunder” that will stay exactly where you leave him, and a dog that follows everywhere the horse goes. You can ride to the camp, take a boat out to the “Intrepid”, spend the night and return to find your horse waiting.

There are impressive fountains and a gorgeous waterfall. A variety of tame wildlife roams the island. I think you will find it a pleasant and interesting environment in which to live.

Please read the Piggott Journals or there is much you may miss.


Xiamara for sofa meshes

Texian for water meshes

Phoenix Amon for the fireplace

Se7enraven for the hut mesh on which the dome is based

Darkness Eternal for the palm tree from his Desert Architecture Modders Resource

Nivia and Tona for the swimwear

Robert for the bodies

A hearty thank you to all for providing the modding community with these excellent resources.

Disclaimer: This mod is released in its entirety and may be freely used as a resource without further permission. Please credit those whom I have credited it you use their work.