BBB for More Revealing Standard Armors HGEC by Saaya
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Added: 25/08/2010 - 01:16AM
Updated: 29/08/2010 - 04:43PM

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Last updated at 16:43, 29 Aug 2010 Uploaded at 1:16, 25 Aug 2010

BBB for Duddly01's HGEC More Revealing Standard Armors E cup, Vanilla replacer

Converted for BBB by : Saaya


BBB Conversion Team Support Thread :

Here you can find a list of already converted mods for BBB by the Team ( on the first page ).
You also can find some tips to solve conflicts or asking for help if something goes wrong with BBB.

Support Thread


This is a REPLACER ONLY, you NEED to Download the original stock here :




Just drop the meshes folder in your Data folder and overwrite.


Better Bouncing Breasts - How it works and what is required :

BBB is a system which replaces the old Moving Breasts. It's a little bit more complicated and needs some things. YOU HAVE

to install this :

- a special seleton made by Coronerra which includes new bones in the breasts for animation :

Coronerra's Maximum Compatibility Skeleton

- a compatible mesh especially weighted for this skeleton ( this mod for example ).

- animations which animate the special bones to make the breasts bounce. You can try and choose :

Stylish Jump

Pretty Woman

Womans Move

Umpa Sexy Walk

Manga Animations


Of course you can also install a nude or underweared body replacer with the BBB system.

Here you can find HGEC body weighted by Cononerra, which also includes the skeleton ( and that's cool ) :

HGEC by Coronerra

And here you can find other bodies, weighted or reweighted by me :

Big Boobed Bodies

HGEC Tiny Sizes

HGEC Underwear



I only converted armors which "have" to bounce :

- mithril
- leather
- chainmail
- Dark Brotherhood
- Ebony ( because it's a king of bikini top... )

On the other ones, the chest is totally covered by solid metal. But if you want I convert them I can do it, just ask in the Request

Topic. For now I prefer to separate them.



You can reuse any part of this mod BUT MUST give credit to everyone listed above in your readme.


CREDITS ( from author ):

Exnem and RAIAR for the Eyecandy HGEC body.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Grhys for HGEC E cup Eve conversion.
teseyecandy.com for their support and interest.


Saaya for the BBB conversion.
Coronerra for the Skeleton and the tutorials.