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Adds a keychain to your inventory to hold your keys, reduce inventory clutter, and decrease Journal and Container load times. Requires Oblivion v1.2.0416 and OBSE v.0017a

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The keychain will be added to your inventory when you start the game and will hide your keys when you enter your Inventory or a Container menu.

Oblivion v1.2.0416 or later
OBSE v.0017a or later

== Mini-FAQ ===================================================================
. 1. Is this archive OBMM/BAIN compatible?
+ Yes for both.
* For OBMM, requires at least v9.2.1. For installation it works as any other OBMM/BAIN install.
* Before uninstalling, make sure you get your keys.
. 2. Nothing happens in-game - the Keychain isn't added, no upgrade messages, etc.
+ Make sure you have the latest Oblivion patch installed. This mod will not work with v1.0 or v1.1.
. 3. Does this work with DarN's UI?
+ YES! Ignore the "slowdown" warning - it was for Keychain v2.1. With v5.0, you will see an increase in menu load times, even if your Key category is collapsed.
+ Use the Keychain to "collapse" and "uncollapse" your keys, instead of the Key header. Note that the Key category will no longer be collapsed by default.
. 4. I uninstalled the Keychain and now my keys are gone. Can I get them back?
+ As long as you didn't save - yes. Just re-activate Keychain (and any necessary Requirements), load your game, and save.
+ Really, so long as you don't save while in a Container menu or your Journal tabs, this shouldn't be an issue.
. 5. Will this work with all keys? Do I still need the SI and DLC compatibility mods (P1DKeychainSI.esp, etc.)?
+ Keychain v5.0 will work with all keys from every mod - no need to have "Compatibility" patches or mods.
+ You can uninstall the SI and DLC compatibility mods (as well as any other mod that might have made keys "Keychain compatible"). If you forget, no problem - they won't interfere with the Keychain.
. 6. See Read-me for more information.

Many, many thanks to Elys for her hard work making Pluggy - this made the mod much easier to do, and brought it back into the realm of possibility.

Thanks to the OBSE team for making modder's life easier and slathering on the functions nice and thick :)

mmmpld for the original Keychain and Waruddar for his help on the 3.0 versions.

Version History
=== 5.00 [6/28/2009]
* Now requires OBSE v17
* Completely changed how Keychain works. Now keys are always in the Player's inventory until you:
. 1. Enter your Inventory menu
. 2. Activate a container (actually, keys are gone for .1 seconds after you press Activate, if you have >100 keys)
* Basically, this means Keychain should now be compatible with every quest, dialogue, unusual door (i.e., Dark Brotherhood Well in Cheydinhal), etc. that requires a key.
* Reduces the required options to 1 - Quest status of the Keychain.
* One other thing to note - this is the first time I could truly compare Menu loading times with and without Keychain with DarN's collapsed Key category - Keychain improves load speed significantly, even with the collapsed Key category. So, if you use DarN's UI, you do benefit from using Keychain.