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Gucchi Ahiru

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A collection of wearable glasses (spectacles)

Permissions and credits
I did not create or edit this mod in any way. I am uploading it to the Nexus as a courtesy for those, like me, who wish non-dwemmer spectacles in-game.

The original Japanese readme was very kindly translated by UNKNOWNYMOUS (thank you) as follows.

Ahiru's Glasses v1.2 by Gucchi Ahiru

Glasses mod.
That's all there is to it... Or is it?! (*゚∋゚)

Go fish for it in a chest, right in front of the Imperial City jeweller. Refer to the screenshots for details.

If you get tired of it you can scatter it all over your bathtub then throw it off a cliff/roll it down a hillside all at once. Maybe you'll get a small slice of happiness that way. :)

By the way, they all use the "tail" slot.

[Known Issues]
- Because of my obsession for low-poly stuff, the quality isn't too high.
- Needlessly (translator's note: or uselessly?) They were mass-produced (translator's note: quantity over quality), and are pretty similar [to each other].
- I got tired while making them, so the textures are rather meh.
- If you try the sunglasses on a character with bangs, the lenses disappear (because of transparency issues).
- The names of each pair of glasses are unintelligible.
- The icons are so tiny that you can't even tell them apart.

[Distribution - Licensing and Legal]
Do what your morals tell you.

[Change Log]
ver1.2 (2007.11.26)
Ahiru-chan's minor update. Polygons were increased a little, and the normal map was cleaned up (translator's note: or made better/more beautiful).

ver1.1 (2007.11.21)
Metal Brows Blue-CL (Metal Frame's Upper Frame set blue colored lens): changed the frame to something else.

ver1.0 (2007.11.20)
Public release, particularly to 2-ch.

Gucchi Ahiru for the original mod
UNKNOWNYMOUS: Readme translation

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