The Gateway Realm by Dyshein
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Last updated at 3:52, 20 Aug 2010 Uploaded at 21:58, 19 Aug 2010

Update: Version 1.1 will be coming soon, with a few fixes and a relocated entry point that will get rid of the need for a Unique Landscapes specific ESP file. So if you have any problems with anything in the mod, please let me know so I can address as much as possible for the update.

Requirements: This mod requires both Oblivion and the Shivering Isles, but has no other mod dependencies. All models/textures taken from other mods are included. Also requires Oblivion and the Shivering Isle to be patched up to the latest patch.

Installation: I have provided two versions, OMOD and manual (I myself do not use OMOD for installing any mods, but I realize it is rather popular and easier than manually removing files. If anyone has problems using the OMOD please let me know, I don’t have much experience using it).

I have also provided an optional file that contains silent mp3’s for the dialogue in the mod. If you are not using OBSE’s universal silent voice and cannot read at the speed of light, I would suggest you download the voice files. (To install, just drag it into your Oblivion/data folder. All voice files are contained within the folder GatewayRealm.esp).

IMPORTANT: If you are using Unique Landscapes Cloudtop you will need to use the GatewayRealmUL.esp plugin instead of the GatewayRealm.esp one, as UL significantly alters the elevation in that area making the cave inaccessible. Thanks to mechatech for bringing the conflict to my attention.

Description: This mods adds a new worldspace to Oblivion that can be accessed via a portal northwest of Chorrol. The area is known as the Gateway realm, and consists of four distinct plateaus each with their own unique quests, npcs, and areas. All but one plateau are inaccessible from the start, but as the player progresses through questing they will be able to unlock the other three in a non-linear fashion. There is also a rather powerful boss; I won’t say much, suffice to say depending on your choices you’re either going to need a lot of armor/reflect damage/shielding or a ton of magic resist in order to be able to defeat it. In total, this mod offers over a dozen quests, over 40+ NPCs, around 30 interior cells and exterior worldspaces as well as a plethora of new models courtesy of the talented modders on TES4Nexus and Planetelderscrolls.

I won't say too much more about this mod as it’s mean to be a fun place to explore, but I will say a few things first;
- While the enemies are leveled, this mod would still present a considerable challenged for low-leveled player, I would suggest waiting until lvl 20 at the earliest depending how much one maximizes their level-ups.
- A high acrobatics ability is really, really helpful.
- Torches and light spells are your best friends.
- Curiosity can sometimes lead you to treasure. Other times, it will kill you >.<.
- Sometimes when making a decision you won’t get a second chance, so choose wisely.
- And as always, SAVE SAVE SAVE and SAVE. This applies ESPECIALLY in my mods, as I like to try new things to make the game more challenging (i.e. there are many, many ways to die in this mod).

Mod Credits – All new models and textures in this mod come from the talented authors listed below:
AST Paintings Pack 01 by Aisis
Akorithi Jade Bow by Nicoroshi
ANB Panther Figurine by Aridale Noblebrook and Belmont
Animated Staves by Xzen
Dragonbone Cuirass by Jayson
Dune – Al Jahar Rugs by Darkness Eternal
Hemingweys Capes by Hemingwey
Holy Avenger by Iron Wolf
Raven Assassins by Raven 666
Red Imp by CGChaos
Sages Skyrim Armory by Sage Rime
Ancient Elven Furniture by css0101
Spider companion Matilde and Spider Cave DV by Lady Li and friends
Ninjitsu Gear by Eggyslav
New Potions by Dominick Cryomonde
Chinese Hook Sword by uk47
VAcuitys Spirits and Ephemerals by Vacuity
throttlekittys Hair Pack 01 by throttlekitty
Drow Race by ShaggyMonster

This is a rather expansive mod, and even though I spent a longggg time testing it, it doesn’t mean there might not still be bugs/glitches in it, so if you happen to find anything you think needs fixed please PM me on either tesnexus or planetelderscrolls (my name on both is Dyshein). You could also email me but you’re much more likely to get a timely response if you contact me on one of the two modding website