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Added: 16/08/2010 - 12:21AM
Updated: 19/08/2010 - 07:49AM

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Uploaded by Sam Lake


Last updated at 7:49, 19 Aug 2010 Uploaded at 0:21, 16 Aug 2010


- added a potion-type "Coffee" item, plays a unique idle animation when used by an NPC

This is a modders resource, designed to be used to create a coffee shop mod or something similar.

The archive contains an .esm file with all the new items, and 'meshes' and 'textures' folders.

There are 34 new items, every single one with custom textures (see screenshots):
  • "Coffee Shop" sign
  • open sack of coffee beans (container)
  • small bag of coffee beans (clutter item)
  • 2 types of empty coffee cups
  • new ingredient - coffee beans
  • 14 cups of coffee, clutter (7 different surface textures * 2 types of coffee cups)
  • 14 cups of coffee, static (same as above)

Each item added by me has the prefix "SL", that's how you'll find them in CS.

Note that coffee won't spill if you tip one of the cups over - I'm a modder, not a wizard.

Feel free to use and modify this resource however you like. Credit would be nice if you use it for your mod, but it's not necessary.