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C, E and H cup, Normal, Large and Extra Large bottoms.

Permissions and credits
BBB for HGEC Body Replacer Underwear version, C, D-E and H cup, Normal, Large and Extra Large bottoms.

Converted for BBB by : Saaya


BBB Conversion Team Support Thread :

Here you can find a list of already converted mods for BBB by the Team ( on the first page ).
You also can find some tips to solve conflicts or asking for help if something goes wrong with BBB.

Support Thread


This mod will replace the whole body of the player and NPC's with HGEC body underwear. Please install a texture set compatible with HGEC body.

This mod merge parts of following mods :

- EVE body and armors replacer for upperbody C cup, D-E cup, lowerbody Normal and Large.


- HGEC H cup wearable undies for upperbody H cup and lowerbody Extra Large.




You will find three folders in the archive :

- HGEC_Lowerbody_Underwear_BBB : contains Normal, Large and Extra Large underweared lowerbody. Choose the one you want and copy/overwrite the Data folder in your Oblivion folder.

- HGEC_Upperbody_Underwear_BBB : contains C cup, D-E cup and H cup underweared Upperbody. Choos the one you want and copy/overwrite the Data folder in your Oblivion folder.

- Underwear_Textures_Required : contains the textures for the underwears, but not for the body himself. Copy/overwrite the Data folder in your Oblivion folder.


Better Bouncing Breasts - How it works and what is required :

BBB is a system which replaces the old Moving Breasts. It's a little bit more complicated and needs some things. YOU HAVE

to install this :

- a special seleton made by Coronerra which includes new bones in the breasts for animation :

Coronerra's Maximum Compatibility Skeleton

- a compatible mesh especially weighted for this skeleton ( this mod for example ).

- animations which animate the special bones to make the breasts bounce. You can try and choose :

Stylish Jump

Pretty Woman

Womans Move

Umpa Sexy Walk

Manga Animations


Of course you can also install a nude or underweared body replacer with the BBB system.

Here you can find HGEC body weighted by Cononerra, which also includes the skeleton ( and that's cool ) :

HGEC by Coronerra

And here you can find other bodies, weighted or reweighted by me :

Big Boobed Bodies

HGEC Tiny Sizes

HGEC Underwear



I replaced the H cup muscular upperbody included in the HGEC H-cup Wearable Undies by a normal H-cup upperbody.

Hands and feet are included in each folder.

Normally, you will not see a seamline. I re-exported the lowerbodies to remove it.



Use this mod freely ( for non-commercial purposes only, of course ) but don't forget to give credits.



Exnem for the original EyeCandy body.
RAIAR for the Hentai Gentleman Eye Candy body.

The EVE Team :

Axil: support for major overhaul mods like OOO, MMM, and Frans
Corepcmmp: plugin files
Grhys: meshes, scripting, plugin files, readme
Gudwyn: scripting
MadCat221: meshes, EBE body
Morphan: meshes
Lol9: meshes
Sm0ken1nfin8: meshes, plugin files
Zinni: coming up with the name for this project
xFrancis147 : for doing the BAIN installer packages

Abovewolf for the Exnem's EC Wearable Undies.
Nachritter for the HGEC H cup conversion of Wearable Undies.

Saaya for the BBB conversion.
Coronerra for the Skeleton and the tutorials.

Other credits included in Wearable Undies :

- }{ellknight
- SlappyMeats
- Axil
- Dude2000
- Ratchild
- BethSoft
- Blender
- Nifskope

If I forgot somebody, please tell me ^^.


A special thanks to Malachi Delacot whom makes me so laugh with his pics I read during boring weight copy and exporting time !