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Cloth Map for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Requires: Oblivion
File version: August 14, 2010
Readme version: August 15, 2010
Creator: Leyic
Download: http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=33846


A replacement map for Oblivion, made to look like aged inked cloth.
Also shows more trails and lakes than the original map. Does not
require any .esp. file.

Install/Uninstall Instructions (BAIN):

Place the archive in the proper BAIN folder and activate from within
Wyre Bash.

Uninstall from within Wyre Bash.

Install/Uninstall Instructions (Manual):

Unzip the archive into the \Oblivion\Data folder. This may overwrite
any other replacement map mod you are currently using.

Uninstall by deleting the following:
\Oblivion\Data\Cloth Map Readme.txt


All other mods that modify the map for the Tamriel worldspace.


'Leyic' at TES Nexus (preferred).
'Leyic' at the official Elder Scrolls forums.

Credits / Programs Used:

TES4qLOD, by Lightwave
Wyre Bash & BAIN
The Online Readme Generator, by LHammonds
TES4Edit, by ElminsterAU
Michaelmas v2 (the font), by Daniel Zadorozny
1001freefonts.com for hosting the font
Everyone who has ever released a landscape mod (without them, map mods
such as this one would hardly be useful)
Everyone who has ever released a map mod (for motivation)


By using this mod, you agree to not hold me liable for any damage that
occurs to your property or person in the course of using this mod.

You are free to release modified versions of this mod provided you
meet and accept the following criteria:
-You must include the original readme (the file you are now reading).
-You must take primary responsibility for maintaining your modified
version of my mod (I'm not as equipped to provide support to third
parties for your modifications).
-You must implicitly grant me the right to merge any changes you make
to my mod into my version of the mod, with attribution (so a central
package can be maintained).
Of course, you also need to agree to follow Bethesda's terms.