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Added: 14/08/2010 - 07:26PM
Updated: 02/03/2016 - 07:15PM

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Last updated at 19:15, 2 Mar 2016 Uploaded at 19:26, 14 Aug 2010

Name: Ravenous Elegance
Version: 1.0
Released: 14-08-2010
Category : Armor and clothes
Author: Sinblood


Add a new set of clothes/armor (using HGEC fighter Dcup and medium bottom) for Oblivion. There are two version of top, with and without jeweled cross necklace.

In testing hall there is an Ayleid chest...in a wall, next to a door. There are 3 items for each part and chest content is set to respawn.
To go there, open the console using the '~' key and enter the following line:

coc testinghall

Then press enter and you go there.

To get back in game, search the door leading to HawkHaven. There, you can fast travel to get back to game.

Drag and drop the 'Data' folder to your Oblivion folder. Open Oblivion launcher and check 1SB_RavenousEleganceOutfit.esp

Erase the following files:


Folder located in: meshes\clothes\sbvampire\ravenouselegance

Folder located in: textures\clothes\sbvampire\ravenouselegance

Folder located in: textures\menus\icons\SB\RavenousElegance

With vanilla game body and other body replacer: Bab, Roberts female body replacer, UFF (Revaan will fix that soon tough...normally)
Everything based on HGEC and Exnem body should display fine.

Tool used:
Blender (latest build): http://www.blender.org/
Niftools for Blender:http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/Blender
Adobe photoshop CS2: http://www.adobe.com/
Nvidia DDS plugin for photoshop: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/photoshop_dds_plugins.html
Nifskope: http://sourceforge.net/projects/niftools/files/nifskope/
TES4FILES: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8489
7zip: http://www.7-zip.org/

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Thanks to Petrovich: http://www.tesnexus.com/modules/members/index.php?id=66282
for http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=22412 boots of this package are based on. If you already have this mod, you may notice that the ones included in this package are lower poly (I cutted polycount by 3 and remade UVmap) .

Thanks to Cavia and AQinteractive for original top design from the Bullet Witch game for Xbox 360: http://aqi.nct.jp/bulletwitch//

Thanks to McFarlane Toys and Clive Barker for the skirt design this outfit is based on: http://www.spawn.com/features/torturedsouls/lucidique.html

Thanks to RAIAR for HG EyeCandy Body

Thanks to me :P (Sinblood) for the time spent (wasted?) on this mod

You can reuse, destroy, enhance this mod FOR TESIV:OBLIVION (only) BUT MUST give credits to everyone listed above in your readme.