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Last updated at 19:50, 26 Sep 2010 Uploaded at 18:08, 14 Aug 2010

You are a Yautja, a Hunter, a Predator. Feared by all, your kind travel from world to world, making trophies of the fiercest creatures in the universe. However, several months ago your clans starship crashed on this world, on the island of Morrowind. In the meantime you have been content exploring and hunting across this strange land, and you have enjoyed the vast variety of new prey this world has to offer. But you have now reached the place natives call Cyrodiil, and you will soon be facing an older and more familiar foe.
This mod adds a quest using Alien NPC’s from the_philanthropys Xenomorph Mod (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=24197) and the Predator Playable race from BlackDragon66, Swidhelm, Drusvak, Yurec_o, Divine Avenger, tobi999, and Kewin Felic (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=18390).
It is only meant to be played as a Predator, though it can be played as any normal race. The quest should start as soon as you load up the game.
The quest is in a fully playable state, but there are definitely some things I don’t consider finished. I will hopefully be able to update certain aspects of this in time, but I wanted to get this out so people can enjoy what’s there so far.

REQUIRES Divine Avengers Beta Predator/Yautja Playable Race and CM Partners mod, the_philanthropys Xenomorph Mod and anything else those Mods need.
Otherwise, just copy the contents of the .7z file into your Oblivion/Data folder, as usual.
This Mod includes the changes from my Predator weapon and sound tweaks mod (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=33176), which adds a Wristblade weapon to use instead of the hand-to-hand used in the Predator mod, as well as updating the Plasma Cannon sound to the one from the 1st movie. The wristblade is found in a new container under the dock next to original Predator chest, and at the Yautja camp. I haven’t seen any big problems when using both, but there could be some odd duplication or other unpredictable issues if you use both. It will overwrite the original Plasma Cannon sound, but I have included the original as a back-up if you want to go back to it. See Uninstall info about that.

Delete the AvPincyrodiil.esp. To restore the Plasma Cannon sound delete Fire.wav from Data\Sound\fx\PREDATORweaponSounds\SHOULDERCANNON, and rename Fire_orig.wav to Fire.wav.

Known Issues:
None I have seen, but Please let me know if anything goes wrong and I’ll try to look into it.

This mod could not have been done without the amazing Predator mod from: BlackDragon66, Swidhelm, Drusvak, Yurec_o, Divine Avenger, tobi999, and Kewin Felic, Or the awesome Xenomorph mod from the_philanthropy.
Also many thanks to Alienslof for his clanfear retexture, and to BeanspanX for his original “Predator: Hunters and Prey” mod for Morrowind, from which I used the Alien egg and Facehugger models/textures.
Cirlin created the quest and modified the clanfear into the... well you'll see J
Feel free to modify this as you like, just let me know what you do so I can enjoy it too!