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A fixed TRI file that improves the Head06 DispHappy expressions.

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A fixed TRI file that improves the Head06 DispHappy expressions.

Also under Miscellaneous is a TXT file detailing how to edit head expressions yourself using FaceGen full (not trial) and the AddMorph utility from throttlekitty's tutorial on editing eyes.

This TRI file replaces the DispHappy1, DispHappy2, DispHappy3 and DispHappy4 expressions for Head06 with a much more subtle expression (see posted image).

To install:
You will need to find where your Head06.tri file is located within your mesh directory and replace it with the file in the download. My suggestion is to copy your original somewhere else before replacing with this file.

A typical location will be

If you are using a variation of Head06 such as H06_Fem3 you will have to replace the existing tri with the file in the download using the exact name the previous file had. For H06_Fem3 head the tri file is H06_Fem3.tri and you would take my Head06.tri and rename it to H06_Fem3.tri and place it in the existing directory so it replaces the existing H06_Fem3.tri. Again, I'd suggest making a copy of the original file before replacing it.

To uninstall:
Replace my tri file with the original tri file that you kept as a backup... you DID keep a backup of your original didn't you? ;)

throttlekitty for Head06 Resource Pack AND the tutorial I used to fix the expressions
Scanti for the AddMorph utility found in throttlekitty's tutorial