About this mod

The Golden Crest is a major pirate quest mod that adds two new factions that can be joined, the Abecean Pirates and the Straight Arrow, a bounty hunter, treasure hunter, outlaw hideout tavern where pretty much anything goes.

Raid ships, pillage island outposts and castles, explore large and challenging dungeons and fight skilled and st

Permissions and credits
[size="3"]First to make one thing clear: This mod does NOT hold your hand. There are barely any map markers and often you will find the need to do some detective work. Morrowind players shouldn't have any trouble with the mod. To the rest: READ your journal and books, LISTEN to your dialogue and SEARCH all the corpses of the NPC added in this mod. If everything else fails, there is a read-me included in the .rar.[/size]

New in version 1.2x:
- Repeatable quests
- Outcome memory (pay attention to all your choices as they will come back to influence the game)
- Raiding navy, pirate and ghost ships
- Becoming a buccaneer
- Mastermind system

New in version 1.1x:
- Eight new quests, most of them with at least two possible outcomes and a few of them completely optional and even missable.
- A powerful ability at the end of a long journey.
- Two new island world spaces, one of them large and containing a mysterious and rich story.
- Plenty of additional back story.
- A new disposition system for your crew, giving every named character plenty new dialogue lines and player responses. The ability to send your crewmen to the bring, take them to the Straight Arrow or give them presents.
- Pirate music in different interiors as well as the new world space.

The new quests for both the Straight Arrow and the Golden Crests will start 2 days after the new .esp is loaded.

To start this game simply load the esp and head towards Anvil. Once you enter the town of Anvil it will be a matter of seconds before you are introduced to the quest line.

Before the description I would recommend that when playing this mod you start on a clean save as to avoid any conflict this mod might have with other mods.

This mod is now compatible with DLCBattlehornCastle by installing the optional file called GoldenCrestBattlehornComp.esp.

Description: The Golden Crest is a major quest mod that in it's current version has 40 quests and currently offers at the very least 35+ hours of gameplay. Once you help a pirate in Anvil escape the clutches of the Imperial Guard you are on your way to becoming a pirate. At the start you serve on The Wailing Butcher, a strong and sturdy vessel. It isn't long before you go from the rank of Swabie to boatswain and start raiding ships, islands and castles with your crew mates. Eventually you acquire a ship of your own and become captain. With a home on the water and a crew under your command the plunderin' beings!


- A number of quests, most of which last longer than most vanilla quests.

- As you play you eventually acquire your own small quarters in the ship, but once you acquire a ship of your own you get a fully crewed ship equipped with your own smith, cook and doctor as well as half a dozen boatswains.

- A cozy acquirable house in the Nibenay Basin. A perfect location for any outlaws, vampires, thieves and, of course, pirates. Of course, what wilderness hideout would be complete without a secret?

- A tavern for pirates, thieves, treasure hunters and bounty hunters. What tavern would be complete without an underground ring? Features a dice game, a fight club and a long list of people with bounties on their heads for you to hunt.

- Island worldspaces to explore.

- A crew which you get to know and love, with complex dialogues that can either make the particular crewmate fall in love with you or betray you.

- Quests with moral and practical choices, which can effect how your crew sees you, what rewards you get or if your dearest friends survive.

Quests include so far:

- Raiding an enemy tobacco plateau and acquiring it for yourself.

- Boarding ships and plundering their storage.

- Recruiting new people for your crew.

- Establishing a constant income for your crew by helping your captain take control of a gold mine.

- Laying siege on the enemy's castle and taking it for yourself.

- Large scale battles, possibly bigger than that of the Battle for Bruma, where you don't question who you slash, you just slash.

- Challenging whoever you wish to a fist fight.

- Collecting ancient Ayleid gems used to open the ultimate treasure chest(part of the buried treasure which every pirate wants for himself).

- Taking part in a horse chase, a long and hard horse chase.

- Exploring a vast and mysterious island with a complex story.

- Fighting large and mighty creatures.

- Interact with your crewmates by giving them gifts, sending them to the brig, going with them for a drink and much more.

- Raid various ships, including a ghost ship.

More to come:

- Acquire an island for yourself and your crew.

- Uncover the biggest treasure this side of the Abecean Sea.

- Become a pirate lord.

Simply extract the .rar file to your OblivionData directory and open up the Oblivion Launcher where you will have to check the GoldenCrest.esp in the Data files menu.

- The latest Oblivion patch.
- OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice which can be found here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622
(Alternatively you can download the Golden Crest silent mp3 from this site, included in the file section of the mod and extract the files to your OblivionDataSoundVoice directory).

While the mod seems to work fine and doesn't cause any errors I would strongly recommend you back up all your saves. I am not responsible for any bugs that might occur, though I will try to help you fix them should you report them.