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The Multi-Package of the Full-World-Havoking have reached the final state. After houndreds hours of working and over 800 full-modified files we can finally relax and we can give you this, which skipped Oblivion. Now you have the possibility, to break up almost the whole Interior of Oblivion Houses or cave or (if you want it) to re-composed it.
What does this mean?
All furniture and boxes, chests, barrels, candels and many more small things (includes furniture from the addon Shivering Isles) were accessed for the game-internal Havok-Phyics-Engine. All actions done with your wapons and health potions you can also do with furnitures. You can fling them to the scenery!
Give full scope of your creativity:
Do you want re-compose your Rosespine-Hall, put the bed... maybe in the right cornor and the cupboard to anywhere else? No problem!
Do you want to procure you a little fight advantage and simple fling a little box to your enemies? That's working, too.
Do you want (when you have much boredom) build you a box-pack to jump to the next roof? Of course it is, why not?

certainly, that's nowhere near not all, you can decide how you do you abuse your furniture (sometimes when you feel bad, simple fire a heavy fireball in your neighbors room, he can't make it re-arranged in a few days.

In view of the previous version there are many new models and some improvments by realism. Heavy cupboards are now heavy and light boxes are light... (anyway Of course it is, isn't it?). Frictioncoefficients were changed/modified a little bit and so on...
One little new feature (why I said little?) is the Havok Tapestries 2.0 for Oblivion and Shilvering Isles! So, what in the hell are Havok-Tapestries? This is easy to explain: All of you know the concrete, painted things so called "wall hanging". They are now fully movable. A wall hanging is now that, what's name could expect: an on-wall-hanging cloth scrap (which you can move, of course!). There were made some significant improvements in view of Version 1.0 At first the really unnatural flounces effect was removed (for those guys who played Version 1.0). The wall hangings keep now their original size after contact. One more improvment is increasement the chance to hit a wand hanging with an arrow; now you (mostly^^) hit.

So, what contains the archiv?
- Physical Throwable Crates'n Chests (PTC&C) 1.3 heavy/light
- PTC&C Lights
- PTC&C Shivering Isles
- PTC&C Furniture (first-Release)
- Havok Tapestries 2.0

Is this a gold edition, isn't it?

If there are some detail questions:
- PTC&C 1.3 is divided in two versions: light and heavy. The little difference is that heavy objects are heavier as in the light version (^^) and it takes more effort to move these objects. This is much more realistic but because of some requests we made a light version, too. With the light version you must only run against an object and it will move immediately.
- Although this is usually a non-esp-Replacer, we created an additional little Plugin which makes the merchant's chests static (this is from time to time very handy... for example by buying something from a merchant). Attention: Shilvering Isles Users have to install the Shilvering Isles called esp. Non-Shilvering-Isles-Users use the normal esp, please. But never, never use both!