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A set of gowns based off of the Eclipse renderosity item by the artist Val3DArt. Uses HGEC standard.

Permissions and credits

By Gizmodian


A set of gowns based off of the Eclipse renderosity item by the artist Val3DArt. Uses HGEC standard.


Six colors of the new gown.

Issues and Things:

It will 'alpha-blink' with some other alphas, giving you temporary invisibilty on your clothing. This is an issue directly with Oblivion's game engine. I cannot do anything about it.


In the testinghall, in a small crate labeled 'Eclipse'.


HGEC or Exnem compatible body.


None known. [Unless some other mod drops a giant hulking chest on top of my crate so you can't access it...]


Either manually install by unzipping directly into your Oblivion/Data folder. If prompted to overwrite, select 'yes'.

Or make it into an OMOD using OBMM.

There are instructions in many places on the internet on how this is accomplished.

There is also a 2048 Tex Addon extra folder in the mod. If you wish to use High-Resolution Textures [which will make the items look better], drop the textures folder into your Data folder after you install the mod. When prompted to overwrite, select 'Yes'.

There is a possibility that the high-resolution textures may cause a performance drop. Use them only if you have the computer to handle it.


Delete the files or remove the OMOD.

Update Log:
7/21/2010 - Initial Release v1.0

Programs Used:

Adobe Photoshop CS3
The Elder Scrolls Construction Set


Val3DArt - The original concept and inspiration
Hide and Eshme - Boot mesh
Kogane - Pantie mesh
Xiamara - Dress mesh
Reaperz/Blackheart - For not letting me forget

Usage and Permissions:

This is open source, you cannot claim it as your own. If you use any part of the mesh or textures, you must credit me as well as the proper authors for what sources you use.

I would like to be notified as a courtesy if you intend to put it in your mod.