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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmi78dSdit0 - TRAILER

http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=41461 - PATCH

http://hypocrisy184.blog111.fc2.com/blog-entry-57.html - JAPANESE TRANSLATION

http://www.confrerie-des-traducteurs.fr/oblivion/mods/guildes_et_quetes/le_front_du_nord.php - FRENCH TRANSLATION

"The fifth sees and opening
His sword is thrust so true
He underestimates the warrior
He takes him for a fool

Magnus saw the blade incoming
And blocked it with his shield
Now the fifths sword and insides
Lay strewn across the field"

The Northern Front is a large, multi-path quest mod where the player buys information from a mercenary contractor and decides them self what they will do with their newly acquired knowledge. There are no quest markers, no obvious hints and no linear "go here, kill this, get this" quests. The player will have to use their wits and skill to make a profit in this shady mercenary business. Everything you would expect to be able to do, you will. Will you gather information, and follow up leads through word of mouth and paper trails? Will you use stealth, infiltration and espionage to work alongside the shadows in achieving your goal? Will you use your charm and sharp tongue to strut your way to a profit? Or will you cleave first and ask questions second, simply cutting down all those who get in your way...

This mod offers all of these paths. All quests have multiple endings and rewards. Decisions you make in some quests will have direct effects on others. You get to truly play as your character would, and not just as the common quest would restrict. This is the main focus of this mod - quests that are original, fun to play and force you to think and decide on the best way to proceed

The mod is largely voice acted due to the help of some very talented actors. I hope you enjoy

Additional esps: simply replace Northern Front.esp with one of the following to activate it

- reduced NPCs will reduce the number of NPCs in the Northern Front camp for a moderate performance boost

- optimizedESP will remove all unecessary NPCs, objects, lighting and decorations from the Northern Front camp for a significant performance boost


OBSE v0018 or above


Fully compatible with Open Cities and Unique Landscapes

Please report any conflicts you come across in this thread

Recommended mods

http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622 - Elys Universal Silent Voice

Whilst the mod is largely voiced there are still some parts which lack voice acting. This mod is a must if you wish to solve things diplomatically as you will have a lot of talking to do


New camp and inn in the North of Cyrodill
New, diverse NPCs, each with their own personalities, distinct behavior, quirks and voices
Many new quests, each with multiple endings and paths to completion
New, powerful artifacts, for you to obtain however you see fit
A diverse and interesting story twisting itself around the main quests
Many new self written and lore integrated books related to the mod including:

The Legend of Marchosias, On Marchosias, Manual of Cavalry, The Adventurers Bestiary, The Warriors Bestiary, The Graverobbers Bestiary, Tamrielic Cryptids, Follow Me and Him - Penumbra

Special thanks

All of the actors who offered to help bring this mod to life
TESAlliance for teaching me pretty much everything I know about modding (and for putting up with me asking questions in the shoutbox every 5 minutes when I got stuck)
Grond for helping me out with writing when I was starting up
Bethesda for creating the game and making the CS available

Credits/Resources used

Waalx' Realswords: Bosmer
Mr Siikas Siege Engines
Mr Siikas Durzog
Xia's New Amulets
Armory of the Nordic Warrior by pale_rider

Voice acting

Arvidius - Skydrall, Sebastian, Heironymous Lex, Francis, Tramond, Irroke the Wide, Dunmer watchman, Ragnar, Imperial Legionaires,
Trailer voices, Baug, S'razirr, Lord Vincentus, Cardok, Neroveus, Various Dunmer mercenaries, Ogier, Pranal, Bravil Guard, Arban

Odahilys - Claude Maric, Brucetus, Bourion, Various Dunmer mercenares, Sevarius Atius

Onsasaki - Sarynce, Mufala, Pravus, Scarab, Malakai, Runs-into-Flowers, Kushluk, Various Dunmer mercenaries

Roddy - Beezum, Yarglek, Urbul gro-Orkuld, Owyn

Theonlylifeseeker - Sentalus, Xhaferi

Vereta - Brother Harker, Aluman, Vassier, Panicked Mercenary, Khanate, Waleran, Dolgarogg, Kralus



1.0.0: Added voice acting, lots of general bug fixes from beta
1.0.1: Removed unnecessary resouces, added reduced NPCs patch
1.0.2: Fixed minor conflic with MMM