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This version includes a couple of major new features, a small collection of bug fixes and compatibility improvements!

New in ROM 2.30:

The Gift of Akatosh: The Main Quest Reward that gives you an eighth major skill!

Mankar Camoran is now the most challenging opponent in the entire game, not because of buffs, but because he is scripted to use his powerful spells intelligently!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version of ROM requires Kyoma's MenuQue! It is not a mod, but a small OBSE extension that allows for more sophisticated menu manipulation. See the Manual or the Veteran's Guide for details.

From version 2.20:

- Compatibility Patch: MMM Hunting and Crafting version.
- Customization. Greater customization options for Denock Arrow and Drop Lit Torches features.
- Destruction Magic. All damage spells have been made much, much more powerful, and cost less magicka to use.
- Willpower. While magic regeneration rate has been slowed slightly, other willpower bonuses have been amplified. Each point of willpower gives you 1 point of resist paralysis, and 0.5 points of resist magic.
- Third Person Toggle. You automatically switch from third person view to first person view when aiming your bow. This has been seamlessly written into the Denock script with only minimum lines of code.
- Combat Hotkeys. It is now possible to set all weapons to hotkeys, so long as you do not have a shield equipped.
- Efficiency! ROM's main combat script has been restructured and broken into two separate scripts, which enhance this module's gamemode performance by 2,000 percent (that is not an exaggeration)! ROM's main leveling script and some magic monitoring scripts have also been revised and streamlined.
- Menu Escape. Menu Escape hotkeys are now customizable in a separate batch script. Furthermore, it is no longer possible to "Take All" from another actor while pickpocketing or when he is fatigued.


As of 2.10, ROM also features a complete revision of the Knights of the Nine expansion. See the new KotN Manual for more information. The ROM Manual download also comes with a new FAQ, and a Hotkey Summary, so that you don't forget any ROM hotkeys! And for those who are upgrading from a previous version, I have packaged all of the major edits to the main Manual into a separate file, so that you won't have to reread the entire Manual!

Please also note: there are now many avenues for customization in ROM, via small text files called "batch scripts." All these can be located in the Data\Ini folder after installation.

The Compatibility Files have been updated (2.21), to include a new patch for Robert Evrae's *Alternative Start by Ship.* All you tutorial-skippers out there, you know who you are; you have managed to convince me :)

See, I'm not so tough.

Current ROM Version: 2.30
Current Manual Version: 2.30
Current Comp. Version: 2.30

After way too many months of intensive labor, I am proud to present a new overhaul mod for TES IV: ROM. It makes use of the latest official version of OBSE, and I am submitting nearly all my scripts in PDF format so that you may inspect the quality of my work for yourselves.

Above all else, ROM is a *gameplay overhaul* mod. The vision I had with ROM was to create a more immersive, challenging, and realistic gameplay experience. Far from adding new ways to make you godlike and overpowered, you will instead find yourself challenged in dozens of different ways you never were before. Think of this as a roleplaying mod for TES IV.

To document all the changes here would be impossible. I apologize that it is difficult for me even to give a general account of the changes, since this mod does hundreds of little things, rather than a few big things. However, I have packaged a Manual (in printable and non-printable formats) for your convenience as a separate download. Browse it and see what ROM is all about!

As a teaser, here is the section from my Table of Contents, which documents all the changes (updated from version 2.10):

ROM General Changes

Alchemical Potions Revised
Restricted Alchemical Ingredients
Uniform Potion Weight
Restricted Guild Membership
Restricted Spellmaking and Enchanting
Double Robe Enchanting
Loading Screen Replacer
Time Dilation
Companion Support
Revised Daedra and Dremora
Daedric Equipment
Aedric Equipment
Imperial Legion Redux
ROM Fatigue and Movement
Mercantile Leveling
Revised Reputation
Knights of the Nine Patch
Revised Sneaking and Chameleon
Animal AI Mod
Quest Award Level
Swimming and Drowning
Ferry Boats
Drop Lit Torches
Gift of Akatosh (New!)
Mankar Camoran (New!)

New Hotkey Functions

Alchemical Quick-Sorter
Spell Delete
Spell Toggle
Menu Escape
Denock Arrow
Torch Hotkey
Fatigue Effects

ROM Combat and Equipment

Weapons and Armor Revaluated
No More Quest Items
Undead Combat Modifiers
Revised Blocking System
Combat Equipment Restrictions
NPC Potions
Combat Escape!

ROM Races and Birthsigns

Races and Leveling, Part I
Birthsigns and Birthstones
Leveling, Part II
Skill Level Capper
Leveling, Part III

ROM Magic

General Description
Elemental Damage Spells
Elemental Shield Spells
Master Spells
Illusion Overhaul
Conjuration Overhaul
Item Enchantments and Sigil Stones
Enchantment Restore and Ayleid Wells
No Spell Stacking
Burden and Other Spells
New Spell Icons
Unique Enchantments
A Technical Commentary on ROM Conjuration
A Technical Commentary on Scrollmaking

ROM contains its very own Drop Lit Torches mod! I am so pleased with it, that I have decided to release it as a modular standalone, for those who do not play ROM. (Access link in the Mirrors tab.)

There will be more modular plugins available in the future!

Feel free to visit the Bethsoft forum page as well (accessible link in the Mirrors tab).