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When a virulent Zombie-inducing virus is let lose on Tamriel things can only get "Interesting". Experience and create your very own full scale Zombie Apocalypse.

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-- 28 DAYS (and a bit) - Version 0.4.7 --

By Ryuujin
edited by Eccentric

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Holy heck - It lives! (AGAIN!!)

Just so everyone gets some head's up, given a slew of new zombie-related resources and a good overview of where this mod could be improved I'm picking it back up and adding some more content =3
Before too long expect to see....
+ Finished damage visuals
+ General tweakage
+ Upgrading the evac centers, adding questlines to them, and more!


|-a About 28 Days
|-b Version History
|-c Installation
|-d Controls/features
|-e Common Questions
|-f Compatibility

|-a Legal
|-b Contact Information
|-c Notes
|-d Special Thanks


Section 1



About 28 Days

This mod basically simulates a Zombie outbreak in Tamriel. If does not merely
introduce a storyline that is based around Zombies, it instead allows the player
to choose or create his own Zombie scenario; ranging from roaming hordes to slow
infection of the population. Which then spread out and propagate by themselves.

Combined with various tools to help barricade doors, and the ability to wipe out
zombies at a local level gives the player a sandbox environment to play in,
whether they choose to head for the hills, batten down the hatches, or turn a
city into a fortress to call home.



Version History

|- First release Version

|- You can now share items with your companions
|- Capped "Barricade Door" at 99 to prevent players locking themselves in
|- Reduced zombies speed slightly so they don't look so silly
|- Fixed buggy button in Scenario options
|- Cure Sickness now also fixes NPC's abnormal aggression
|- NPCs removed from play now have their aggression fixed
|- Renamed Cure Sick to Cure Sickness

|- Zombies now appear in an area twice as fast (1 minute instead of 2)
|- Multiple zombies can now emerge from a single entrance
|- Zombies now level scale to provide more a challenge at higher and lower levels
|- You now get a message indicating when there are little or no zombies left in an area
|- NPCs told to stay put will now attack zombies properly
|- Made essential's behaviour a little more reliable for fleeing when infected
|- Killing zombies in or near a town now lowers your bounty by 40gp
|- You now earn 1 points of fame for every 50 zombies slain (or curb stomped)

|- Guards now issue a warning first if you commit a crime during a zombie attack
|- Added optional lip-sync package for guard warnings
|- Added 2 zombie "variants" (Will expand in future versions)
|- Fixed NPC dialogue for inventory sharing

|- Reduced basic zombie toughness (81-180 hitpoints instead of 96-320)
|- Added new game setting to make zombies optionally tougher
|- Changed game setting labels, some people were getting confused by the old ones
|- The most recently set up door barricades can now be freely unlocked by using the skill again
|- Fixed bug that caused repeated spell cast sound for some people

|- Fixed bug where'd be be accused of stealling occasionally when using the companion share
|- Essential characters should now be a bit more reliable when fleeing
|- Chapels no longer erroneously allow spawning
|- Wilderness areas now have reduced spawn rate in addition to remote interior cells.
|- Added preliminary siege visuals to Cheydinhal.
|- Simplified code for marking safe zones for better compatibility.

|- Inserted a hotfix for an engine error where NPCs (And player) could gain the disease shader permanently
|- Chance of Migration, and number of additional zombies each day now degrades over time.
|- Ocato will now reward you with money based on your kill-count if the invasion is ended.
|- You now recieve a hint suggesting when the invasion is over completely (After sleeping)
|- Added nightmares when sleeping in infested regions
|- Changed guard warning behaviour to be even more robust and leniant
|- Updated lip-sync add-on to cover Ocato's speech


|- Completely rewrote deployment script. Zombie deployment spreads out across entire town properly.
|- Extended radius and changed the sound when zombies are bashing a door.
|- Added toggles for siege damage, weather visuals and safe zones under game settings
|- Fixed bug where the last zombie wouldn't spawn if the zombie pop was precisely 1.000000000
|- Removed a lot of the Debug messages
|- Few minor unoticable dialogue/interface tweaks and optimisations

|- Minor fix that was reducing chances of zombies spawning.
|- Minor tweak to improve spawn chance in interiors where door count was less than 100 / Spawn Chance
|- Added Anvil to list of cities with siege damage.
|- Companions standing ground now wander/talk to people in a small radius
|- Added new companion order to follow but avoid combat.
|- Disabling siege visuals now retroactively removes already enabled damage
|- "Dawn of the Dead" and "Arcade Mode" now enable level 3 siege damage from start

0.3.0 and higher
|- See Change Logs




Extract all files to c:program filesbethesda softworksobliviondata if
it asks you if you wish to overwrite an existing file, click "Yes to All".




When the game begins you will get an option menu of Scenarios, or to create your
own. You may bring this screen back up at any time for further customise the
scenario or choose a new one using the lesser power mentioned below, so don't
feel too pressurised to pick a single scenario to settle on and stick with it.
The scenarios are as follows:

The Hive

A single, random city is infested with zombies from the outset
if left undisturbed, the zombies will likely spread and infect
other towns.

The Horde

A large horde of zombies is roaming from town to town, swelling
it's ranks, and leaving destruction and "sleeper" zombies in each
town it attacks who will in turn infest the ruins.

Patient Zero:

Somewhere in Tamriel there is a lone infectee, they are likely to
infect others, and they in turn spread the infection to new towns
however, since there arn't many infectees at first it's likely to
go un-noticed at first and thus infest more towns before a response
can be formed.

Dawn of the Dead:

All of Tamriel has been overrun with the dead as the graveyards and
recently deceased rise up in unholy life forming an instant and
horrific army.

Arcade Mode:

Similar to dawn of the dead, but with even larger zombie deployments
ensuring a steady stream of undead flesh for your axe. Not advisable
for a "serious" game.

Necromancer's Dream:

"A Necromancer has spread a plague in one of the cities of Cyrodiil! Kill him before the plague gets any worse or become part of the experiment."

Lich-Borne Catastrophe:

"A Lich has let loose a plague amongst the living, building its army. Can you stop it before it is too late? Or will you be a part of its army? Good luck!"

It All Began With One...:
"In one of the great cities of Cyrodiil, someone has fallen ill. Left unchecked this has the potential to spiral out of control, caught early it could be nipped in the bud before it starts. Of course, if it IS nipped in the bud, then that would mean your death, Infected."

You will have 3 new "Lesser Powers" added to your spellbook when the game begins
they provide a variety of functions important to your game experience:

28 Days: Game Settings

Using this power will bring up the game menu, from here you may
choose a Scenario, edit the current scenario, or create your own
from scratch. The scenario changes how the zombies behave and
spread, changing the game experience quite significantly.

Cure Sickness

This is a touch-range skill that allows you to cure disease on
your allies, primarily to stop someone who's been infected from
becoming a full zombie. While it costs no magicka you will need
to have a Cure Disease potion (Off the shelf, not alchemy brewed)
Mandrake Root, Clannfear Claw or Root Pulp handy to use it.

Barricade Door

This skill will let you seal a door using your security skill
essentially locking it. The higher your skill, the strong the
lock, Zombies are able to break open locked doors but stronger
locks are harder for them to bypass. You can freely unlock the
last few doors you locked by using the same ability on them.

Additionally, you may issue orders to any NPC in the game to help you evacuate
survivors, or fortify a location with recruited help. While you can issue the
orders, they can also refuse them. Generally people won't listen to you unless
you are a good friend or have at least achieved some reknown for your combat
prowess... although when the horde is trying to bash down your front door people
will listen to anyone who's still maintaining any degree of clarity.

If you need to find safety, remember that the Divines havn't abandoned their
worshippers, Zombies never enter the chapels without due cause (chasing fresh
meat inside being a due cause), and remote villages or dungeons see little if
any zombie activity compared to the cities.

Finally, you will find special copies of the the Black Horse Courier in every
pub and inn in the game which are up to date with the latest news from around
Tamriel; handy for tracking the zombie's progress, assuming the Black Horse
Courier hasn't been overrun by zombies themselves of course.



Common Questions

Q: How do I customise the game or choose a new scenario?
A: You now have a new Lesser Power in your spellbook, simply cast
it to access the menu.

Q: You mention barricading doors?
A: Again, check your spellbook for a new lesser power. It uses your
Security skill to determine the strength of the new lock.

Q: A zombie broke came through the door I just sealled...
A: Zombies have a chance to break a seal on a barricaded door based on
the strength of the lock, a master of Security's barricade is virtually
impenetrable (1% chance every 2 minutes)

Q: When I arrived in a town, lots of zombies came out the houses, but nobody
seems to have died before I got here

A: That's a limitation of the game engine, stuff can't happen if you are
not there to witness it. The increase in zombie population while you're
absent is simulated mathematiclly rather than by actually killing NPCs.

Q: I'm worried this mod will break my save game by killing all the quest NPCs
A: Any NPC who becomes a zombie is in fact not killed at all, they are
sent to a holding cell. Once you uninstall the mod they will return to
their usual lives. Only those slain outright and never became infected
will be lost. (And I hope to remedy even that)

Q: Where's all the zombies?
A: First, make sure you have OBSE installed and are running it. Next,
go check the newspapers to find a place that is infested. If you're
certain that the zombies should be in this town try moving to another
town and coming back again. Occasionally it glitches when you start a
scenario for the first time.

Q: Can I simply wait out the zombies like in the movies?
A: The zombies will never die of old age, however, their tendancy to
migrate, and the rate at which their ranks swell will decrease over
time making it easier to cleanse Tamriel of zombies later rather
than sooner.




Obviously a mod of this scope may have some compatibility issues. Most of these
however are accounted for with special toggles which can be enabled or disabled
in the game settings compatibility menu.

Heavens Wrath and other weather magic
The spooky weather effect will override these. This can be fixed by turning off
the weather override in the game settings.

Open Cities
Open cities works perfectly, but you will not get the siege damage visuals even
if they are switched on.

Better Cities
Technically it is compatible, but things may look weird. You can
switch siege off via the compatibility page under game settings.

Deadly Reflex
Please avoid using frost weapons as the freezing ability may disable a frozen zombie, preventing it from spawning again. All other weapons are fine and make things look interesting.

Spell Mods
Some Spell Mods when used with this mod cause errors with the player. Cause is unknown.


Section 2




All contained code is the property of it's author (Ryuujin) and its editor (Eccentric). The Author and editor
retains the right of ownership, but expresses that you may use the code
for educational purposes and may modify it for private exhibition.

You may also redistribute the unmodified code, or create a translation of
the code, provided this document is also included in the package.



contact information

Author Email: [email protected]

Official Forum Thread: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=864329




For Other Modders: Zombies enter play from any door within 1 cell (for worldspaces)
or in the same cell as the player for interiors, this means that by default they
will also appear in your mod's own areas.

To get give some control to this, any cell marked as belonging to the Player
faction cannot be used a spawn location. (The entire area)



Special Thanks

To all the guys at the Bethesda forum for their positive words, encourage and
tonnes of input into what they liked/disliked.

Solstheim for his blank lipsync and sound file resource

And of course Bethesda for actually giving us Oblivion, and having the balls to
try something new and experimental with the game mechanics, even if it does
sometimes make people do the most retarded things ;)


Have a pleasant Apocalypse ^___^