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The Elder Scrolls IV
300: Akaviri Stronghold, 1.7

Akaviri Stronghold By, Cleitanious
Hourglass of Akatosh By, M'aiq
Cermenional Blades Armor By, Axeface
Reusable Oblivion gate By, Moist & Iriewen
Cave Crystal Idea and Textures By, Lady E


1- Place the *.esp file into your "Oblivion/Data" folder.
If asks to overwrite, choose "Yes".

2- When launching the game, select data files and double click
this mod.

2. Mod Description

This is a Castle/House plug-in for Members of the Blades, It is located West of Anvil, the Key may be found in CloudRuler Temple's Armoury on a crate.

8 Blades, With full RAI and guard scheduels
1 Blades Captain who guard's the player's chambers at night

Akaviri Stronghold, Great Hall: Throne, Entryway and Museum with display cases, Bonfire and mannequin stands.
Akaviri Stronghold, East Wing : The Myxterium Xarxes, which is used to open a reusable Oblivion gate, which is always guarded by a Blade. There is also an Alchemy Bench and containers. Also located in this section is the 'Hourglass of Akatosh' artifact, a Shrine of Talos and statues of both Talos and Akatosh.
Akaviri Stronghold, West Wing : The Blades' Quarters and eating area are located in the lower west wing. The Player's Training room, and private Quarters are located on the upper West Wing.
Akaviri Stronghold, Basement : The Basement is made up of a forge with two forges and anvil, a blacksmiths' chest and containers. There is also a hot-steam pool in the cavern.
Akaviri Stronghold, Exterior : Located along to coast, west of Anvil on a small Island, is the Akaviri Stronghold.

ALL of the containers located in the building are 'safe' for storing items, except the Blades' personal chests by their beds, and the Covered Pot on the Blades' Table.
A new container "Hammers & Tongs" is located by the forge and comes equipped with smithy tools. It is safe for storage.
There are two arrow barrels in the Guard Towers, they are not safe for Storage.

Several sets of Blades' armor and Akaviri weapons may be found throughout the stronghold.
A complete set of Silver weaponry can be found in the Player's personal training room.
A Minor Artifact, "The Hourglass of Akatosh" is located in the East Wing, by the statue of Akatosh. It is an Hourglass full of glowing, golden sands.
Full set of Blades' Ceremonial Armor, worn by the Blades' Captain.
Various gems are located at the Shrine and Statues, for decoration.
An Imperial horse may be borrowed from the Stable