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Roaming NPCs adds traveling adventurers you can interact with to the wilderness and a few traveling merchants who sell interesting wares to the roads.

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== Roaming NPCs ==

This mod adds 31 traveling NPCs to the game world. The reason for the mod is that I didn't like how you almost never find any interesting NPCs while walking through the wilderness or along the roads. It's either enemies or Imperial Legion soldiers. Even a mod like Crowded Roads (which I like and use as well) only adds generic NPCs that don't do anything but travel on the main roads. Roaming NPCs adds traveling adventurers you can interact with to the wilderness and a few traveling merchants who sell interesting wares to the roads. Note that this mod is not called 'crowded' for a reason. You will rarely meet one the NPCs so it is not a replacement for 'Crowded Roads' or similar mods.

There are three types of NPCs:

1. Adventurers (Adventurers, Mages, Rangers, Battlemages, Knights)

Adventurers travel around almost exclusively in the wilderness and thus can't be found on the main roads (with very few exceptions). Unlike the Orc Adventurers that can already be found in the game they really travel and not just wait near the same location all day long. They have varying levels ranging from level 7 to level 30. Since I don't want to imbalance the game they all have low-mid quality equipment only so even in the unlikely case that you manage to kill a level 30 adventurer at a low level somehow you won't get uber equipment from them. But what they lack in equipment quality they make up for in stats.

If you meet an adventurer you can ask him/her to join you on your travels. If your disposition is high enough and if he is not too far above your level he will join you either for free or for a small or large fee (depends on the level difference). He will leave you after 1-2 days, if his disposition towards you becomes too low or if you dismiss him. After a few days you can ask him again to join you.

While the adventurers are companions their 'features' are limited. They follow you and they sneak when you sneak (and put out their torch if they have one equipped). That is all, no inventory managment, optional combat styles or similar features. You can ask them about the Gray Fox though to find out about their responsibility. Don't try to commit crimes while you have a follower with high responsibility. They will report you or turn against you just like any other NPC with high responsibility would. Even adventurers with low responsibility may not help you if you commit severe crimes like murder or attacking imperial soldiers.

2. Riding Adventurers

There are only 5 of them and they're just for show (no companion feature). They are all around level 30, so if you are in trouble and see one of them they can protect you.

3. Traveling Merchants

There are four traveling merchants traveling from town to town. They are always on the main roads. They're riding horses with saddle bags and always have a mercenary guard (also on a horse) as follower. Unlike the merchants in the vanilla game they actually sell useful things like enchanted and unechanted arrows of all qualities except for Daedric, powerful but (relatively) cheap potions and scrolls and other nice and really useful goodies like potions that permanently increase your attributes (which are very rare and expensive plus the max amount you can ever buy is 10). They don't sell high level weapons or armor though as I felt that the player should find these things on his own and not buy them. Their inventory will reset every second day no matter what your respawn time is set to. It is worth checking what they have to offer if you meet one of them, trust me.

= Requirements =

Apart from the latest patch you should have Elys Universal Silent Voice installed. Otherwise you may not be able to read the dialogue added by this mod.

= Changelog =


- fixed a potential bug where sometimes recruited adventurers would visit you after they died and respawned
- cleaned up a few identical to master records with TES4Edit


- intitial Release

= Installation =

Put the meshes and textures folders and the 'RoamingNPcs.esp' into you Oblivion\Data folder. Check the esp in the launcher.

= Credits =

Mystikhybrid for the saddle bags
Odin_ml for the saddle bag mesh fix