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Vaernlor Manor is magnificent mansion, made from original meshes and filled with hundreds of wonderful new items. Take a look at the images to see just a portion of what you will find inside. This is an updated version of the \"All New House\" mod.

Permissions and credits
This is a large mansion with turrets and towers, is fully furnished, and completely original. It is located along "The Green Road", just north of Bravil.

There are fountains and a gazebo outside, and secret doors
and passageways to discover inside.
(A 'Switch Location Cheat Sheet' is included.)

Also inside are hundreds of new items, including a
harpsichord that you can play, display cases, furniture, beautiful potion bottles, and exotic plants.

Some of the changes from "All New House" to "Vaernlor Manor" are:

- Brighter textures, inside and out
- Some new interior meshes
- Changed interior layout slightly for easier navigation
- Added a stable
- Added a couple of new switches
- Added another hidden door
- Added a stairway going to the 2nd floor in the armory
- Fixed the havok on potions etc. so they can be
moved around
- Corrected the names of a few items that were wrong
- Added outdoor lighting (lights turn on at night)
- Cabinets in the rear tower can now be used for
potions and ingredients
- More exterior landscaping
- Name of mod and map marker changed from "All New House"
to "Vaernlor Manor"

This will conflict with the "All New House" mod, so uninstall it before loading "Vaernlor Manor".

The armour, weapons, clothes, jewelry, shrubs, butterflies,
fireflies, fire, and flames are the only things in this
mod that are NOT new meshes, but they are new retextures.

No conflicts with any other mods, including Bravil Barrowfields UL, have been reported.

This mansion can be used as a players house and also as a modders resource.

You are all welcome to use anything you like from
this mod, as long as you don't claim it as your own.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the mod.

A special thank you to Kilos for testing the mod
and for all of his valuable comments.