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There was an Ayleid King who always dream to fly and live between clouds and sky. He decide to build a big flying Fortress and named it Theryon. He lived there long time enjoing the open air and waste land beneth. After he is gone, the Fortress became a lonely place and the Guard Captain decided to sell it to who is worth to live in that pla

Permissions and credits
Name: Theryon
Date: 5/22/2010
Category: Castles
Requirements: Oblivion Patch
Shivering Isles with Patch
Any mod that remove borders of Cyrodiil
in my case is Borderlees_Cyrodiil.esp
Author: Garnet

There was an Ayleid King who always dream to fly and live between clouds and sky.
He decide to build a big flying Fortress and named it Theryon.
He lived there long time enjoing the open air and waste land beneth.
After he is gone, the Fortress became a lonely place and the Guard Captain
decided to sell it to who is worth to live in that place.

The Palace is located south of Silorn, there is Teleportation Pad near Silorn across the bridge near the river.

Theryon is a flying city with habitants and guard. After you discover the place you can fast travel
There is a tavern, Smithy, Market Place and fence who buy your goods,
but he don't pay for your sins,(not in Thieves Guild),
he is independent with his small dirty bussines. Also there is a little Witch
who sells magic goodies.
You can by the key of the palace at the price of 120000 bucks
from Captain Rhedd in his office or basement. Here is open from 10-18, after he is wander
around and in tavern.
Don't complain, is worth every penny.
If you don't have enough money, you can stay and sleep for free in the Warehouse.

Tavern 10-02
Market 8-18
Smithy 8-18
They lunch 12-14 in local Tavern and offers services.
Mage 10-18
Fence 14-02 ( he likes sleep indisturbed) in and around tavern
The mage lives in the Palace and you have access to her when you get the key.
All the houses, except Warehouse, are owned by habitants, and if you get caught steal,
you finish in Skingrad Prison.


Main hall
Master Chamber
Guest Room
Dining Romm
Mage Room
Expo Room
Throne Hall

The Palace is a luxury place, higly decorated and furnished. Never imagine how Ayleid arhitecture
can be so regale. There is not cheating items except few Varla Stones.
One chest contains the Guard Robes.

There are two secret places that you discover for yourself.

The place is fully pathed for Companion mod.
The mod is not COBL compatible.
There is no quest.

All meshes and textures are in proper Theryon folder, so when you deinstall the mod don't have
to worry about shared resources.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the Theryon.esp file.

1.Remove Theryon folders from Data
2.Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the Theryon.esp file.

If you remove the mod, be sure to move all your goodies from the place.

With any mod that occupies this area.

Bugs and issues
The mod is tested and works fine.
NPC do his AI almost regular when you come regullary via fast travel.
When you come via console and Wait, there be some gasps in regularity of AI schedules
NPC don't use teleports pad, some NPC can be stucked in teleport pad near the Market place.
I try to resolve with subspaces, but due to the shape of the place, three levels,
doesn't work. I'll be gratefull to someone who can have a idea to resolve it.
NPC's are cleaver and use the towers to go to another level.
This is my first attempt with NPC and AI, so don't blame me.
There is not a decent dialog because I don't know how to do it, maybe
if I do upgrade and learn enough. Anyway, if someone who knows about AI, dialogs,scripting and
quest and have sugestions and ideas is welcome.
Theryon is a big place and have possibillity for new things.
In Main hall and Dining room players can suffer for FPS boost on oldies machines.
Any sugestion good or bad is welcome.
This is only initial release (hope so).

you can find me like garnet in ORE fotums
or mail to [email protected]

This mod use many resources, I put them in separate folders with modder's name.
Keep in mind that most of meshes and textures are reworked to suits the needs
of this mod. If you look for resources, it's best to obtain the original resource or mod.
Altered meshes and textures are renamed to avoid conflicts.

Special thanks to Newbs for the Armored Robes from "Newbs' Armored Robes", obtained
permission. Don't use before asking Newb.

Another special thanks to lance4791 (Auriel's_Retreat) to use the screenshots for paintings.
This is a mod must see.

Big thanks to:

css aka css0101 for the Elven Furniture, his Bronze texure used for other furniture
AndySauras for the teaset, laboratory equipement and telescope
Antistar for bathing and soaping
Dark Rider for the Celtic Decor
Exilehunter for the candelabra and Vanity mirror
Garak for the Booksets
Gildur for the invisible furniture
Helborne for the weaponracks
Hentai for the lovely roses
Puff for the hottub
Kalikut for the ornate dishes, her textures used for the teaset
Koniption for the meatcleaver, boiling kettle and plant
LadyLi for the glassware
Loth for the staffcontainer
Meo for the castle rug, ayleid clutter, armors, interior forge, wateringcan and globe
MJY for the piano, grinder, bathtube, statues and pillows
Mr_siika for ballista, golden trasure clutter, market stalls, meathhook and sausages
Lutur for the driedcorn
Metz and Disturbed for the weaponracks
Oblivionmonk for the bathtowels
Omegacron for the scales and hourglas
Pendraia for the sackpotatoes
Jannix Quinn for the potion bottles
Tarnsman for the Salmo contents
John Yerkes a.k.a. McMuffin for the SkoomaPipe
Tschos for the food
Xiamara and Dhkoster for the Teddybears
The Lost Spires team for the bat in cage and brain in jar
The UOP (Unofficial Oblivion Patch)team for the False cabinet
Texian for the water
Whitefang for the lemon, tray and trayderivates
WildKarrde for the potbelly stove
Washington for the TableTopPicture
Xiamara for the pillows and wineracks
MentalElf for the TES4Files
LHammonds for the Readme Generator

Thanks to Shezrie for the first aid in tricky situation.
Thanks to Turbo for testing and finding forgotten items in cells, specialist for floating


Pillows from
Drapes by The Graphic Muse
Urn by
Bluemineral and marbles by Genetica
Terracotta by
Chinaornaments by Owen Jones_Chinese ornament
Stonetrim by CGtextures

Pianomusic by iamsura
Sound waterpump

Many of my textures are inspired and adapted from various internet sources.

My stuff:
Retextured Ayleid's combined with camoran textures.
Retextured and reworked Bethesda meshes
Items and textures in folders Clutter, Food and Furn
ayleidbench and butterstatic are freebies and reworked

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to all modders who shared experiences and bugs

Tools Used
7-Zip -
Blender -
NIFSkope -
Photoshop -
TES4Files -
TES Construction Set -
Readme Generator -
Map mage

You can not change this mod and redistribute it without my permission.
You can freely use my resources of this mod (check credits area), I ask in return
you give me credit. I would also like to know what mods are including my work.
For others resources is the best to check the originals autors listed above.
And give credit where credit is due.