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~29 dungeon themed NPC/character poses

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*New in Version 1.1*
-9 new poses
-Posed NPCs will now stay where you put them even if you leave the cell, unless they have scripts that override mine, which is rare. This works everywhere now.
-This mod *should* be able to work with "Chain it" running now, but I haven't tested that thoroughly.

This mod is mostly a modder's resource for decorating dungeons, prisons, evil lairs, etc, but I also used ChaOs_Lord's scripts from his "chain it" mod to give players a way to mess around with it in-game if they want.


Use the DP touch spell or DP crystal to pose either an NPC or yourself, respectively. Sometimes poses take a few seconds to to kick in so don't start mashing buttons if it doesn't work immediately. If things start acting strange hitting the reset button a couple times usually clears it up. If you want to use this as a mod resource, I put an example posed NPC in the cell 00dptestcell to show how to set them up.

-This mod requires the latest oblivion patch

Do whatever you want, just give credit where credit is due

ChaOs_Lord- bits of animobjects and most of the scripts
Phitt- gallows mesh
Khugan- pillory mesh/texture
xception- help with scripting