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A medium-sized castle in the remote wilderness of Cyrodiil, located at the very end of the road that passes by Malada.

Permissions and credits
Castle Eltz v1.5 by Yevic




A medium-sized castle in the remote wilderness of Cyrodiil, located at the very end of the road that passes by Malada (the ruin from the collectors quest, where you get the panel). The first room you walk into is the Entry Hall, also on this hall is the main stairway, dining hall, and service wing. On the second floor is the library and living rooms. On the third floor, there's a bathroom and 4 bedrooms; 3 have their own special color themes, and the 4th is in the tower, and was originally designed for the children of the Castle's owners, hence its name. There's also a hidden grotto you can access through a hidden door in the wine cellar.

The cost is a base of 50,000, differs depending on barter skill. You can buy it from the Head Gaurd (man up on the wall).


Before updating from any previous version, please move your character & your belongings out of and away from this mod's location. A clean save will be made for you automatically because the plugin name has changed.

The archive may be installed with Wrye Bash, Nexus Mod Manager, or manually as follows:

1. Extract the archive to a temporary location.
2. Copy the contents to your ..Oblivion\Data folder. Skip the extra plugins you don't need.
3. Activate the plugin(s) in the launcher.

Load order:
Castle Eltz.esp
Castle Eltz - Mannequin Stands.esp (optional, for placing your own mannequins)
Castle Eltz - Filled Booksets.esp (optional, fills up the bookset containers)
Castle Eltz - Cobl Books.esp (Requires Cobl! optional, mixes Cobl books into the book containers, use with the Filled Booksets.esp)
Castle Eltz - Cobl Patch.esp (Requires Cobl!)
Castle Altz - AN Patch.esp (Requires All Natural!)


Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


Not quite compatible with UL - Eastern Peaks. A patch is in progress.
Please check to see if one has been released.

Known Issues:



May 31, 2010 - v1.0 Initial release

June 22, 2010 - v1.1 Fixed minor bugs

July 7, 2010 - v1.3 More bug fixes! Removed one of the columns in the bathroom.

June 30, 2011 - v1.4 Fixed the bsa..again!

April 12, 2012 - v1.5 Big Fixing & Cleaning!

*Re-pathed all resources to unique folders
*Optimized all textures
*pyffi'd all meshes
*Heavy cleaning in TES4Edit
*Removed any remaining extraneous records
*Fixed all AI packages & faction issues
*Fixed gaps near windows in Heir's Tower
*Fixed cell ownership
*Added northmarkers
*Put dirt in the buckets :p
*Re-mapped some doors/cells for ease of use
*Exterior windows will light up with AWLS
*Optimized scripts
*Corrected typos
*Corrected container & door sounds
*Added All Natural patch
*Added Cobl patch
*Added optional plugin to allow the player to place mannequins in place of the existing armor dummies
*Added optional plugins to fill the empty bookset containers (they are still safe storage, though)


I am no longer supporting this mod.
For permissions, you can private message me at the official Bethsoft forums (


Meo-celtic tombstones, open books, fireplaces, maps, booksets, and globes :)
eckhardg for the tapestry resource
Hel Borne and Ranokoa for the alchemical sink
Edocsil for the fireplace resource
side777 for the wonderful sofa/chair meshes he ported from
Garak for the booksets
Aisis for the Anvil style furniture/paintings
Oblivimonk for the ORE bedroom set/clothing rack
Mr. Siika/Centurion for the Castle Seaview/Griffon Fortress
David Whitefang for the tablesets and piano
DarkRider for the CelticDecor Resource
Xia for the manor bedroom set/pillows
Texian for the static water resource
antistar for the bathing mod
Korana for the Christmas resource
Mjy for the Nibenay Castle resource
Timalk-ae for the invisible furniture resource
InsanitySorrow for adjusting the UV on Meo's globe mesh
XmarksTheSpot & the AWLS team for the IllumAnimation tool
The real Castle Eltz in Germany, where the name is inspired from :)
Khettienna for the v1.5 Big Fixing & Cleaning

Tools Used:

Insanity's ReadMe Generator


You may use my resources as you wish but you must credit me for my work.
Please do not re-host this file without my explicit permission.