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Universitas Arcanarum by Lambton Worm
For those of you who are using the OMG patch, I suggest using Elys Silent voice found here:http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622. This should fix any issues with missing voice files. From my own knowledge I'm not sure how else to resolve this due to the complexity of combining and managing conversation quest priorities and the like. If anyone else knows how to fix this better let me know and you can either give instructions on how to do so or post a patched esp file here on Nexus, Let me know about it through the comments page, and I will download it and incorporate it into the next update with credit given to where it is due.

IF YOU DOWNLOADED THIS FILE PRIOR TO THE 2.1 VERSION PLEASE NOTE: That you should delete and uninstall the old versions you might have, and download this one as it has the latest bug fixes on some serious issues that were present in older versions.

I have hopefully (and at last) addressed the missing textures and meshes. I have used Mental Elf's TES4Files program to put everything in its place. I have also FOUND A NEW VERSION of OMG and made a brand new patch that will make our mods run together. Any other bugs that pop up let me know.
This mod is currently in the beta stage. What I understand beta to mean is that, apart from the numerous bug fixes that will most likely be present, I am not adding anything else to this mod. I consider it to be a complete product. This mod was basically a "practice" mod for a much larger project that I am making. (Currently under production). Since this was a practice mod, any constructive criticism or advice would be very much appreciated. And please keep me posted via comments about any bug issues.

Essentially, this mod is an internal renovation of the arcane university. I made this mod because there seemed to be a lack of good mods that altered the internal structure of the university. Those that did were either incomplete or were to overdone for my taste.
Thus I made this mod to put my own spin on things. I have tried to alter most of the interiors of the university to be a bit more magical and fitting of a research facility, while not being to overdone that the university looks out of place with the rest of Tamriel.
I have also altered the rewards structures that you get at the univesity. There are now services that are available to the public. If your not a member of the mages guild, you now have a reason to visit the university while in the imperial city. Those who are guild members will be given access to various services and resources depending on your rank.
Full list of features:
- A university book store that sells enchanted items, spells, and alchemical equipment. you can also have your items recharged there.
- Two new museums that are opened to the public.
- A public library that allows you to browse through books that you might normally have to search high and low for.
Guild Members:
- All members are allowed access to a teleportation system that lets you go to all of the different guild chapters.
- The mage scholars now actually have something to teach you other than those stones out in the wilderness.
- Each department has different levels of access determined by your rank in the guild. As you move up in the guild you will be given access to new services and items.
Various Other Stuff:
- Due to the expansion, I have altered the Thieves Guild Quest "Misdirection". It is now a bit more of a challenge. (I felt that the quest's task should have been harder than it was in the vanilla game).
- For those looking for trouble, you can now break into the university. Don't like the restrictions placed on you by the guild? Then bust in and have a look around, but beware, the mages guild won't let you walk away without a fight.
- A complete and detailed list of the new features can be discovered on your own (I've placed in-game guides that give you more detail about the new features, they should not be too hard to find.)
- (MINOR SPOILERS) Just as a little note to players, the "book" you need to find in the Mystic Archives is there in the same cell as Tar-meena, you just have to look a bit. (Made the quest a bit more of a challenge in other words). The book in question is one of the vanilla quests items.
Origin of the Mage's Guild Patch
I did not plan on making origin of the mages guild compatible with my own. The main reason why I made this mod was because I wanted a different style university than the one offered in OMG.
But a few people had expressed an interest in a patch, and I think many more would like a patch as well. So I have made it to where our mods could be run at the same time and I fixed a little continuity to make our mods seem like they roughly could go together.
That being said, however, they are still very different mods in terms of style and the difference in those styles may clash a bit and it does look like two separate mods smacked together.
BUT THEY ARE NOW COMPATIBLE WITH THIS NEW PATCH! Just a little information for folks looking for a good Arcane U revamp mod. My mod adds lots of new stuff and aesthetic changes without having a large mod that alters a lot of Tamriel and adding a whole bunch of quests. Origin of the Mages guild is the opposite. (Adds lots of quests and changes a number of places around Tamriel. Such as in-game dungeons and the like.)
These are not pros or cons merely preference choices for players of my mod and Giskard's. (But if you like a truly epic experience you might want to consider my mod's compatibility patch that puts them together.)
I have made a few changes in this patch that players should take note of:
- Got rid of my council meeting in favor of his (it has voice dialogue with quests attatched to it)
- I have gotten rid of my teleportation system (it also has a quest attatched to it)
- I moved a bunch of other buildings around the exterior to make it a bit more seamless. Please note that the OMG patch is not compatible with better cities as mine is by itself. This is because the original ver. 7.3 of omg conflicts and those issues would have to be addressed by giskard.


Copy the ESP file, the meshes, textures, sound, and video folders to your Data folder.
If asked to overwrite, do so.
For the patch to work properly you must download Origin of the Mage's Guild and the appropriate files for his resources to work.
If you are using the patch do not use either the Origin of the Mage's Guild esp or my primary esp. Only the patch esp.


Manually remove the files installed. You will probably have to refer to the archive for that.
Bear in mind that this mod may share resources installed by some other mods. Try not to delete the other stuff that other mods need.


This mod is an interior mod only (with a few exceptions). Any mod that alters the interior of any of the arcane university will most likely conflict. The degree of conflict may vary greatly.
If its a mod that adds small item to one of the interiors, then it will most likely be visible (albeit floating). JPM's necormancy mod is an example. The Corpse Preparation book is in plain view, it just floats.
Anything larger than that may cause serious problems or issues. The exceptions to this would be the old council chambers (Which is now a common room accessible by all who are in the guild. Some stuff has just been moved around the rooms is all.). The Arch-Mage's quarters also just has a few things moved around or added. A certain quest item that was located in the arch-mages quarters has been moved to the vault. The overall structure has not been altered.
The original mystic archives cell has simply been renamed as the "Public library" and has been given a new librarian and nothing else. (This was done since many mods add stuff to the mystic archives. Tar-Meena has been relocated to the "new" mystic archives).
The exterior of the university has two new buildings added at the entrance wall. Also there are four new doors added around the base of the tower.
The two new buildings and the doors do not conflict with mods such as bananasplits better cities, ImpeREAL city, and midas magic. (In fact they are meant to go together and even though they are not necessary for my mod, I highly recommend you use them in tandem with mine. Midas Magic adds new buildings next to my own and better cities does a fantastic job of renovating the exterior. This is why I have not altered hardly anything in the exterior.)
For this mod to work properly with Better Cities, make sure that my mod loads after the Better Imperial City Esp. Newer versions of Better Cities may have a few minor issues, as this mod was made quite some time ago, but it should still be compatible for the most part.

Possible Conflicts with other mods:

The interior rain boxes that All Natural Weather uses for creating interior weather are possibly out of sync with the placement of the vanilla cells, so when it's raining it will be raining in a few parts of the vanilla interiors as well, or not look like it's raining at all from a few windows. AN lighting also adds a few candles to the lobby.

For Mages Guild Quests there might be a note floating off to the side of one of the lobby display cases.

For The Ayleid Steps there might be an Ayleid cask floating in the lobby once the quest triggers.

The Unofficial Oblivion Patch has since changed the way NPCs access the Arcane University doors (between courtyard and the main area) and the guards might not reach their posts (A possible fix is to use the console to unlock the lobby doors so they can use them). The patch also adds a few ceiling lanterns in a few vanilla cells.

 A possible issue is that the Administrative Offices lighting will darken if you leave through a portal and then come immediately back (going to another cell and then return seems to fix it). You may also see that some of the NPCs in this room will have glitchy hair that shoots up into the air but talking to them fixes the issue. These are possibly caused by conflicts with weather and lighting mods as this mod was made before the newer versions of major graphical and environmental modifications.

For Better Cities some of the NPCs from that mod who visit the University might have some minor pathgrid issues.

Licensing and Legal

Redistribution is strictly forbidden without prior consent. This means do not upload it anywhere unless you have obtained permission from myself (Lambton Worm). If you wish to make plugins or significant additions to my mod you may do so only if you provide credit. The same also applies to any of the resources that I myself have made (not to those who contributed. If you want to use their resources be sure to give them credit not me.)

Non-English translation versions may be uploaded without permission on the following conditions:

1. All mod files contained in this archive are retained with their current names.
2. No alterations are made to the contents of the plugins or master file other than those necessary to translate the English text.
3. No alterations or additions are made to the meshes and textures other than those necessary to translate English text.
4. This readme is included, in ENGLISH, exactly as it is written in the version it was downloaded with.


This mod would not have been even remotely possible without the aid of many other modders. I would like to thank them here, and if you are a modder who recognizes your work being used in this mod without credits given to you, my brain has merely slipped and I do apologize. Tell me in the comments section applied to this mod and I would be more than happy to show my gratitude to your hard work in making this mod. If you want me to remove the resources you contributed to this mod let me know and I will try and find a replacement. (Though it would surely be missed:( )

The Contributers to the Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhaul: Most of this mod would not be possible without their contributions. And they are simply too many to be listed, but their excellent work is immediately recognizable.
Kvatch Rebuilt Team: I used their kvatch banner in the teleportation room. It is aesthetic only.
The UnderDark Dev Team: They provided the robe mesh that went into the clothes in the vault.
Star Boi: Who provided the mesh for N'Gasta's Diamond.
Helborne: Who provided some of the alchemy resources.
Meo: Who provided meshes for the dummies, Ayleid Clutter, and illustrated books.
Metallicow: Who provided additional book meshes that went into the vault.
Nicoroshi: Who provided the mesh for the Axe of Jagar Tharn.
Gorgonzola3000: Who provided the mesh for the Bow of Bourlor
Andysaurus: Who provided the meshes for the school supplies.
RDjeke: Who provided the mesh for the Sword of the Underking.
billyb32508: Who provided the script for the soul gem matrix.
WillieSea: Who provided the Oblivion Gate script.
Arthmoor: Who provided the basic structure of this readme.
Giskard: For Origin of the Mage's Guild which I used to make a patch so that our mods could be compatible.
Stchan: Who helped point out bad file path issues and found the new omg for me.
Jackstarr: For reporting some bugs.
Mental Elf: For providing the very nice program TES4 Files.
FragmentaryHorcrux: For finding a number of possible mod conflicts as well as some workarounds.
The Book Cluster Resource was by far one of the most helpful to me, but for the life of me I cannot find the file I got it from. Could Meo's Book Set Resource, although I am not sure. If someone knows (or if you are the author) tell me and I will fix the credits.

Version History

Version 2.1
Fixed the public library door so it is no longer locked.
In the OMG patch, I have hopefully fixed the issues with the Forest of Arcana. The land should show up now.
Made sure that the Book Store fella actually has some spells to sell.
Pretty certain now that all of the meshes and textures are in their proper place.

Version 2.0
Fixed more missing meshes and textures and hopefully they are all in there proper order. Also tried to fix issues with the Pub lib. and the bookstore. BRAND NEW PATCH FOR OMG.

Version 1.2
Fixed a number of missing texture and other file path issues. Hopefully they are all fixed now.

Version 1.1

Changed a file path on the dwemer puzzle box.