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========= Useful Houses 2.0 ============

Author: Ole Boe, a.k.a. TheNiceOne
Date: Nov 24, 2010

OBSE 19b (or newer) required.
MenuQue 6 (or newer) required!


Makes houses more useful, by adding penalties to repair and alchemy when not in owned houses, and bonuses when in owned houses.

Useful Houses changes the effectiveness of repair and alchemy, depending on where you are. All features that can be tweaked individually in the ini file. Note that the penalties never applies when being in a house owned by the player.

* Changed durability of repair hammers: (Default 0.8 / 1.8) This means that each hammer's breakdown chance is only 80% of normal when in owned house, but 1.8 times this when not being in an owned house. So if a hammer normally lasts for 10 swings, it will last for 10/0.8 = 12.5 swings in an owned house, but only 10/0.8/1.8 = 6.9 swings when not.

* Reduced max repair percentage: (Default 5-15) This means that when repairing equipment, you cannot repair them up to full health unless being in an owned house. By default, the penalty goes from 15% (when your Armorer skill is 20 or lower), to 5% (when your Armorer skill is 100).

* Repair of enchanted items before becoming journeyman: (Default 5-15) This is a bonus that only applies when being in owned houses (or friendly faction houses). It means that you can repair enchanted items even if not yet a journeyman in Armorer, although not up to 100%. The reduction goes from 15% (when your Armorer skill is 20 or lower), to 5% (when your Armorer skill is 50). So at skill 20, you will be able to repair enchanted items up to 85% health.

* Alchemy effectiveness penalty: (Default 10-70) This means that potions brewed when not being in an owned house, will have their effects and value reduced by 10% when your alchemy skill is 20 or lower, and effects/value reduced by 70% when your alchemy skill is 100. So an experienced alchemist is more in need of a good house to brew his advanced potions, but also normally has much easier access to safe houses.

* Alchemy effectiveness bonus when sitting down: (Default 10) This means that potions brewed when sitting down inside, will have their effects and value increased by 10%. This is cumulative with the alchemy effectiveness penalty, if sitting down in a non-owned house.

There are two settings controlling the effect of being in a house owned by a friendly faction (guilds, etc.):
* Repair of enchanted items before becoming journeyman: (Default enabled). This controls whether you can repair enchanted weapons in friendly faction houses in addition to owned houses.

* Friendly faction penalty : (Default 0.5). This controls how the penalties for being in non-owned cells apply when being in a faction-owned house. If you set it to 0, friendly faction houses have no penalties, and is treated as a fully owned house. Set it to 0.5 and you get half the penalties. Set it to 1, and you get full penalties.

Useful Houses generally improves repair, by making it deterministic how long a hammer lasts, and by adding a Repair All button. If hammer breakdown chance is 20%, instead of randomly have 20% chance of breaking for each swing, a hammer will last exactly 5 swings. The average number of hammers needed is the same, but the randomness is removed.

A "Repair All" button is available whenever you have enough hammers to repair all equipment up to repair health limit. Click it, and all items will be repaired up to their current repair health limit. This will cost you the same number of hammers, and giving you the same Armorer skill experience as if you had clicked numerous times to repair the items normally.

In the repair menu, the hammer durability will be displayed as (ex:) "Dur 5.6", where the number is the amount of repair hammer swings each hammer last. If having Darnified UI or DarkUI'd Darn, you will also see the repair health limit of normal and enchanted weapons.


Note that not only OBSE, but also the OBSE plugin MenuQue (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=32200) is required.

The mod is OMOD-ready and BAIN friendly, so installing with OBMM or BAIN is recommended.
For manuall install, install "Useful Houses.esp", and the "Ini" and "Menus" folders to your Oblivion\data folder.


This mod should be fully compatible with all other mods. Some mods may add houses for the player without setting the ownership accordingly. If so, the added house cells must be added to the "Useful Houses - Locations.ini" found in your "data\ini" folder. This can be used to add vanilla cells too, like an inn, if you want to be able to repair/use alchemy at full effect there. Houses claimed by "Claim That Interior" will be correctly treated as owned by you, and is therefore the perfect mod companion.

========= CHANGELOG

* Rewrote repair feature to be much more accurate.
* Made hammer destruction deterministic instead of random.
* Added a general hammer breakdown modifier, allowing you to make all hammers last a little longer/shorter - or never break!
* Added "Repair All" button.
* Added repair info text to repair menu.
* Made alchemy penalty propotional to Alchemy skill, so being at home is more important when creating the really effective potions.
* Added support for the Battlehorm Dwemer Forge. Using it is treated as being in an owned house when doing repairs (in addition to the skill increase using it gives you).
* Added a "Useful Houses - Locations.ini" file, where (vanilla or mod-added) cells that should be treated as player-owned can be added.

* Useful Houses now differs between fully owned houses and houses owned by friendly factions, with settings to control the difference.
* You can now use keybord when repairing items.
* The text of the popup message when you attempt to repair something you cannot, is controlled from the ini file, so change it there for different languages (or if you just want another text).