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========= Quest Log Manager 1.3.2 ============

Author: Ole Boe, a.k.a. TheNiceOne
Date: Nov 19, 2010
OBSE v 18 (or newer) required.


All Oblivion players know that the "Current Quests" log can become cluttered by all the quests you have started. Quest Log Manager helps you, by adding a new "Hidden Quests" log where you can move away all current quests you're not interested in for the time being, and later move them back if you want. Quest Log Manager also lets you swap between alpabetical and chronological sort order.

Quest Log Manager adds a button to the right of each current quest in the log, and clicking on the button hides the quest. So click on all the quests you're not interested in, and you'll get a much cleaner quest log. By default, the buttons are always visible for current quests, but by setting the hide_key setting in "Ini\Quest Log Manager.ini" to the value of a modifier key (like left shift), the buttons will only be visible when this key is pressed.

Quest Log Manager adds a button at the upper right corner of the "Current Quests" log, named "Show hidden". If you click on this, instead of viewing the current quests, you now get to see all the hidden quests, and you can click on their buttons to move them back to the current quests.

If a hidden quest becomes active, it will automatically be moved back to current quests.

Quest Log Manager adds a sort button to the Current/Hidden quest log. Click on it to swap between alpabetical and chronological sort order for the quests, to make it much easier to find the quest you're looking for.


Quest Log Manager has support for most UI mods:
* Vanilla
* Darnified UI
* DarkUId DarN
* Dark UI
* BTmod
Be sure to install Quest Log Manager's map_menu.xml file over the file installed by those mods.

Quest Log Manager is currently incompatible with other mods that adds their own version of the map_menu.xml file. Of special note is DarNifiedUI Additions, which comes with a special compatibility version for Quest Log Manager. The current version of DarNifiedUI Additions (2.3.2) is compatible with Quest Log Manager 1.2. A newer version of DarNifiedUI Additions compatible with 1.3 will probably be released too.


The mod is OMOD-ready, so installing with OBMM is adviced, just create an omod by adding the downloaded .rar file.

The mod is also packed in a BAIN-ready format. For BAIN or manuall install, install the contents of "00 Core" and the contents of the correct "01 ..." folder to your Oblivion\data folder.

========= CHANGELOG

* Changed initialization of arrays to GameMode from MenuMode, as the former can lead to OBSE array mayhem.

* Recompiled scripts with OBSE 18 (1.3 had been compiled with 19b3, which lead to problems for some users).

* Added support for Dark UI.
* Scroll bar now resets properly when switching between Curren and Hidden quests
* New and nicer icon for moving quests between current/hidden
* Fixed wrong Hidden Quests title for BTmod (says Active Quests)

* Fixed a bug that made hidden quests become current agin unless debug was set to 2.

* Added sort button/functionality
* Added key to optionally hide/show the additional buttons
* Completely rewritten script, and added more debug options