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this mod adds EAX effects, i.e. environment sound to oblivion. all the 3D sounds will sound much more natural. YOU MUST HEAR THIS! :)

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Side's EAX Control

version 1.0

this mod adds EAX effects, i.e. environment sound to oblivion. all the 3D sounds will sound much more natural: a big forest sounds big actually, mountains echo, interiors sound like they should according to the room size... distant sounds don't just fade, but vanish in the environment. hard to explain, you must HEAR this!

to hear the plugin in action watch this video from RebelMax:

music and 2D sound like voices in the dialog menu are not effected.

- the effect presets and some settings get changed dynamically to fit the current cell (depending on room sizes for interiors, tree count or mountain height...)
- in the ini file you can set the default presets and some settings for the different interior room sizes or the 3 exterior types (mountains, forest, city)
- in game you can customize EAX effects for single cells or worldspaces by equipping the 'tuning fork' (added at first run).
- if you use pluggy, you are able to backup and restore your customizations (e.g. to another savegame).

the effect is changed only once after the player entered a new cell.
this mod will NOT affect system performance or hit FPS! the calculation of the effects is done by the digital signal processor (DSP) of you sound card.

use the tuning fork to customize effect settings. in exteriors you can only change the whole worldspace. you must equip the fork in menumode, i.e. from the inventory, not using a hotkey. the values that are printed to the textinput boxes are the current values, not default values.

open the console and type 'SideEAXBackup' or 'SideEAXRestore'. the data is stored in the pluggy folder: 'Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Pluggy\User' Files as a text file.

Oblivion EAX (
EAX capable sound card

pluggy (optional, only needed for the backup feature)

if you like this mod you might want to have a look at my BetterMusicSystem, a complete overhaul of the music handling in oblivion:


how it works in real life:
any sound is generated by it's source in a 3 dimensional room. you can hear the sound directly and you can hear the sound reflected by surrounding walls, etc. depending on the room size and the material you hear from many to almost no reflections. another important parameter is the distance of the sound source. if the source is very close you hear most of the sound directly with very subtle room reflections. but if the source is far away or around a corner you only hear the reflections and no direct sound.

now oblivion with EAX:
the sounds in the oblivion world are also generated in a 3D room. this mod calculates the room size or environment type (like forest or city) and sets the correct EAX effect. EAX will emulate the reflections of the room. like in real life you will hear less direct sound the more you move away from a sound source. and this sounds really AMAZING!! :)

Soundscaper is another mod that adds EAX to oblivion. it depends on 'you are here', which is not really accurate especially if you use many mods, because it has to recognize the models that are in use by the current cell. (if a mod just places one ayleid object in the middle of a meadow you get a HUGE reverb that most likely does not fit any exterior situation.)
my mod just calculates the room size, so it will almost never fail. AND: i let you customize the default effects and the effect for any room or cell! (soundscaper added to much reverb for my taste. so if you don't like my taste, type YOUR'S into the ini file!)