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Requires OBSE v18+
As with any race mod, make sure you have the Custom Race Fix.

NPC & Playable creatures provides a tutorial on how to create playable or 'proper' NPC creatures- goblins that can wear clothes, minotaurs you can talk to, that kind of thing. It also includes a couple of examples of the techniques in use, playable/NPC Fire Atronachs, Spider Daedra and Minotaurs, capable of wielding many weapons and some capable of wearing clothes.

The NPC creatures can be used pretty much straight away in new mods. The Playable versions are fairly basic- they're more proof that the system works than fully-featured mods as there's not much work put into making them unique as races beyond their animations and skeleton, so there's plenty of potential to flesh them out.

Playable Creatures Project:

3rd-party Expansions:
By Seldalore

  • Will you make a Playable Whatever?
  • No. I wrote the tutorial for a reason. Repeating the creation process a dozen times for races I don't really care about is not my idea of fun- you can do it yourselves.