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The new UPDATE is online! Get your Warhammer Chaos Mount and have fun with it. ;)

Requirements: Oblivion version 1.2.0416 (PC only), Roberts Male Body, HGEC Body

Features: This mod adds...
  • A new armor for both male and female characters
  • One new shield
  • 15 new weapons (1 new bow, 4 new axes, 7 new staffs, 3 new swords)
  • Offhand and two-hand versions for most of the weapon meshes
  • a new mount

It contains all new meshes and textures. All the meshes are decent low poly meshes and were designed so that they would run properly in a real time application like Oblivion.

Location: You can find a new chest in the IC Market District behind one of the big statues. Everything is in there. Once you've opened the chest a new spell will be added to your spell list which can be used to summon your Heavy Chaos Mount at any time.

Further Links:

If you have any questions or problems, please check out the FAQ first! (at the very bottom)

The "Detailed mod description" might answer some questions too.

Detailed mod description

The purpose of this mod is to give me an opportunity to easily place all of my stuff somewhere in the world of Oblivion, hence the general sounding mod name. I had a lot of interesting ideas of how you would obtain these items but in the end, I decided to just throw everything in a chest. I did this because both the TES CS and Oblivions whole modding terminology are totally inconvenient.

Like I said above, all the meshes were designed so they would run properly in Oblivion. This means that I did everything to keep the poly count as low as possible. It also means that I tried to keep the texture resolution as low as possible. So if you're looking for weapon meshes with 20.000+ tris and 2048 textures slapped on to them then you're in the wrong place. ;)

At the moment most of the mesh designs are based on concept arts made for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Here is a complete list of the games where the mesh designs originated from. I'll try to update this list whenever I add some new meshes in a future update.

  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (T1 Sorceress/Sorcerer armor; 2 swords; 4 axes; 7 staffs; 1 shield; 1 mount)
  • World of Warcraft (1 bow)
  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (1 sword)

The female version of the armor was designed for the HGEC body and the male version for Roberts Male Body replacer. I've used the slender version for the male armor design on purpose so that he would look more like a mage and not like an axe-swinging berserker. However, there is a chance that I might over exaggerated it a little bit but I think it looks nice. :D

Known Issues

  • The Chaos Mount texture has some minor problems with alpha blending. I don't know how to fix this but chances are that most of you won't even notice. Could be a limitation to the game engine or maybe one of those stupid flags in the nif file.
  • The fact that I've designed both the female and male version of the armor for different body replacers, makes it more unlikely that you can effectively combine parts of this armor with other armor parts. You might experience some heavy clipping errors. Unfortunately, it's impossible to avoid that even if I had designed it for only one body.
  • The sorcerer crown has been designed for a human head, so it might look funny on argonians, khajiits etc.)


  • 1.02, 2010/8/15 - Heavy Chaos Mount added
  • 1.01, 2010/4/29
  • - missing texture on sorcerer robe world mesh - fixed
    - wrong texture on female bracers hands mesh - fixed
    - English-version: german cell name for the IC Market District - fixed
    - German-version: english effect name for the Demonsoul Staff - fixed

  • 1.0, 2010/4/25 - Initial release.


  • Thanks to the creators of HGEC and Roberts Male Body replacers, since some of the meshes were designed for those bodies


Q: I'm new to all this stuff. What's a mod and how do I install it?

A: You can find several homepages explaining these topics. Here are some Links...

If you don't like the explanations on those sites or find any other fault with them, feel free to use Google and find something that suites you more.

Q: I have downloaded and installed your mod but all I see is a bunch of big yellow exclamation mark signs or pink/black textures. What's going on?

A: That means that Oblivion has trouble finding either the meshes or the textures for this mod. In most cases this means, that you have installed the mod wrong. So you should double check if everything went smoothly and is in the right place. However, there is also a slight possibility that your download might be corrupted. Try downloading and installing again.

If that doesn't help, ask in the various forums for help.

Q: I'm experiencing some other strange behavior while using your mod. Crashes, freezes and so on. What can I do?

A: The origin of problems like that can have various reasons. Incompatibilities with other mods, old graphics drivers and some people even have so many mods installed that their game becomes instable just because their savegame files are too huge...

It can be hard to tackle problems like that. Ask in the various forums for help if you're unable to fix the problem yourself.

Remember, if most people aren't complaining about this mod and say that everything works fine, then it's much more likely that something went wrong on your end not on mine.

Q: I can't find the items ingame. Can you help me?

A: I think you're better off asking the community in one of the various forums. However, I wouldn't recommend asking me or in the comment-tab here on this site. As for me, I will hardly find the time to answer something like that and regarding the comment tab here on this site - it is more unlikely that someone will answer you here.

Q: I want to use some parts of your mod for my own. Can I have your permission?

A: If it is for a private project, you can do whatever you want. However, if you plan to release your work then I have one condition. I would like to ask you to give me the proper credit for my work or a link to this mod would be very nice too.

Of course I'm sure that you are aware of the fact that you are not allowed to use any of this stuff for a commercial project.

If not...

Do not use it for commercial purposes!

Q: I want to translate your mod in another language. Is that alright?

A: Feel free to do so. I appreciate it. I would prefer it when you just translate the .esp file and upload it without everything else, so that it is dependent on this mod. If you don't want to upload it yourself, you can also send the translated file to me and I will add it here and give you the proper credit for your work.

If you truly must upload everything again just because of the translation, make sure to give me the proper credit for my work. Like I said, I would prefer the first solution.

Q: Can you please create weapon X, armor Y or item Z?

A: I most probably can but I won't because I will most likely not find the time to do so. There's a lot of awesome stuff that I want to do but creating these objects in this quality is unfortunately a very time consuming process. Since I'm busy enough with my own stuff, I won't take any requests.

Q: I found a bug/incompatibility and I want to report it but where?

A: Check the "Known Issues" section first to ensure that you don't report anything that I already know. If you are sure that there's a problem with the mod and not a problem caused especially by your system then you can report it in either one of these threads...
  • English-Thread: Link
  • German-Thread: Link

If it is urgent then I will take care of it as soon as I can make the time. If it is not urgent I might fix it in a future update.

Q: Can you please make it for the XBox, PS3, whatsoever....?

A: No, I can't. User created content is only available for the PC version of Oblivion. Besides there is a chance that some of these meshes won't run properly on an Xbox or PS3 since they were not designed to do so.