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Last updated at 2:46, 26 Apr 2010 Uploaded at 1:43, 20 Apr 2010

Note: I have stopped modding. No more updates from me. A friend of mine might be taking over my mods.

== Cigarettes ==
Author: TodaY
Version: 1.3

== Description ==
Original mod: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=31228
I was looking on tes when I found a great mod that added cigarettes to the
game. But they were malboro's, and I smoke Pall Mall, so I decided to do a
little retexturing and added Pall Mall to the game. After that I couldn't
stop (as usual) and you can find a complete list of the items in the file section.
They are all for sale in a shop. This version is unfinished, I'm only uploading it
because I'm very busy and don't know if it ever will get finished.
So far there are 14 brands.

This version does not have icons for everything. That is because they are not neccesary
and increase the file size. An optional icon .rar will be uploaded later.

If you know any items that you would like to see in the shop, leave a comment
or PM me. It might get created.

== Requirements ==
Oblivion 1.2.416

== Location ==
see screens

== Bugs / Incompability ==
There is a conflict with Unique Landscapes: Rolling hills. I have provided a patch, you can find it under the files tab.

== Credits ==
All credit for this mod goes to RAN46. All I did was some texture work.
The teddy bears were made by xiamara.
Davidmg for being and addict smoker who did research.
Samuel123e for linking me to non lore-friendly stuff ;P.
Apple pie was made by pronam.
Buddah Statue was made by LHammonds.
Voodoo doll was made by Ghogiel.
Skooma Pipe was made by McMuffin.
Everything related to gaming was made by Penderrin909.

== Update Log ==
V 1.1
- Added lucky strike, updated icons
- Added Pall Mall blue, Camel, Marlboro and L&M
- Added Red Bull bottles
- Added non-readable comic book
- Added teddy's
- Put everything in a shop
- Added more items
- Added more brands

== Liscensing/Legal ==
Can be used freely when credit is given to me and RAN46.
However, please don't use the skullies. That actually is my band's logo (my
name is the band name ;P) and some people will be very pissed at me if they
see it all over the internet.
If you use anything from this mod, I would like a PM so I can check it out.